FEED WINTER 2021 – Web


A NEW APPROACH TO OUTREACH Visitors to our trade show booths will notice that we like to one-up ourselves. From simulating the broadcast of a live racetrack at IBC2019, to designing intimate, consultative environments, we’ve been refining our trade show approach for decades. With uncertainty around physical events, we worked hard to find a way to deliver an experience that avoided the ‘floating heads on a call’ stereotype. Our first approach was to develop the Virtual MediaKind Experience, a portal that invites users to explore and engage with the full range of MediaKind content – anytime, anywhere. We transitioned into developing an improved event for virtual meetings, and have had great results with our customer days. To replicate the physical experience as closely as possible for these virtual get-togethers, we set up high-quality production environments in studio settings, similar to our Southampton-based centre in the UK. These were all filmed to a professional standard. Seeing their MediaKind representative demonstrate our latest innovations in a dynamic, professional environment was incredibly refreshing for our clients. HITTING THE ROAD Virtual events and rich content libraries are great, but we want to take our consumer engagement to the next level. We started to think about providing a low-risk environment to showcase our innovation in person. Wanting to make it easy for customers to get a private viewing of what we do, we built a bespoke trailer, completely equipped with all of our demo capabilities. The trailer is currently on a tour of the US, on what has become known as the MediaKind Roadshow, and we have plans to take the trailer to Europe

ON THE ROAD The trailer is equipped with MediaKind’s full demo experience capabilities

in early 2022. We have already enjoyed hosting a successful London event in October where, by appointment, we provided customers, partners and industry analysts with demonstrations. These included real-world experiences of the 2110 standard, the origination of new streaming channels and the rise of direct-to-consumer services. We’re incredibly excited to be able to bring the roadshow to our customers. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Despite the times, we cannot stop engaging and collaborating. Of course, we look forward to the time when we can participate on the exhibition show floors of Las Vegas, Singapore, Dubai and Amsterdam once again. But, by putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes, we’ve developed innovative ways to maintain that critical contact with our industry network.

NO STOPPING US The MediaKind Roadshow provides a low-risk environment for in-person meetings


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