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REINVENTING THE MEDIAKIND CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE The past year has pushed companies to rethink how they reach out. MediaKind has innovated with a raft of new initiatives to maximise connection with its customers Words by Lisa Aussieker,VP and head of marketing and communications, MediaKind

ediaKind has always thrived in trade show environments. The show floor is where our team shines, bringing an outstanding experience to visitors.

it applies to real-world industry needs. We tied each application to a specific segment, covering topics such as live streaming, cloud DVR, C-band reclamation, advanced advertising and direct-to- consumer experiences. We also developed a series of explainer videos (mediakind.com/technology-explained) delivered by our latest animated recruit, MediaKind Max. These videos bring complex media issues to life, making it clear what MediaKind brings to the equation.

But last year things changed dramatically. Most regions were locked down by March 2020, and the industry was met with the difficult decision to postpone trade shows and pivot to virtual events. Our first priority was to ensure the safety of our people and partners. The stretch goal in this new environment was to maintain or even increase contact, focusing on informative, impactful and exciting connections. One month into the global lockdown, MediaKind’s customer engagement development was in full swing, beginning with a significant increase in content creation. We asked ourselves, “how do we supplement the limited face time between customers and experts?” The answer was providing content on timely, compelling topics in concise formats – with frequent and consistent outreach. We started shaping interactive and engaging campaigns. Here, we coined the idea of an application paper (mediakind.com/papers), an executive summary of a MediaKind solution as

TO THE MAX MediaKind Max is an animated guide to all things broadcast tech


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