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The production used five camera sources, shooting Yves V’s set against an LED backdrop. These were made up of two Panasonic AK-UC4000 studio cameras, with in-person, socially distanced operators. There was also an AW-UE100 for close-ups on the DJ deck, the AW-UE150 4K PTZ camera on a Panapod, and the AW-HE145 PTZ on a Tecnopoint rail and dolly. Additionally, there were camera set- ups in the control room, capturing the live showcase of the production from behind the scenes. This stream-behind- the-stream was built from 15 different sources, including – in addition to the five camera feeds from Yves V’s studio set – the new AW-UE50 and AW-UE80, a POVCAM and GoPros. The entire set-up for the main program stream, from gimbals to multiviewer outputs, was under the control of the Kairos system. And while it was right next door to the studio, there’s no reason the production couldn’t have been controlled from 100 miles away. “Kairos was at the heart of the production,” explains Anna Arkatova, product marketing manager at Panasonic Business Europe. “It managed all the input and output sources, including

pages, while the behind-the-scenes stream from the AED control room went to Panasonic’s YouTube page. Remarkably, as popular as Yves is, the Panasonic workflow video has had even more views than the original set. Techniques for efficiently creating complex streaming content from a single studio are, unsurprisingly, being sought out by creatives worldwide. “People are particularly keen to see how it all works in the background,” says Arkatova. “We haven’t done this kind of presentation before. We wanted to show the technology and how you can enhance that experience, beyond just one light, one camera and a stream. There were multiple options that were automated – and in line with Covid-19 restrictions.” Brands like Boiler Room started streaming live DJ sets. Then bigger events and festivals caught on, with mega-show Tomorrowland conducting its festival entirely digitally in 2020. It incorporated elements of VR to conjure the feeling of being at a real event, not just sitting at home in front of your screen. “We wanted to show how people can now deliver music from anywhere – especially as Covid-19 regulations keep coming back. It was important

AN EXPERT NETWORK Access professional guidance at Kairos Training Academies all over Europe


In mid-2021, Panasonic established Kairos Training Academies across Europe, to help broadcast technicians, live event operators and freelancers improve their operation of the Kairos live production platform. In addition to AED Studios in Belgium, centres have been set up at Creative Technology in the UK and Sweden, KST Moschkau and Lang AG in Germany – and VMB in Spain. “There is huge creative potential in live video production and streaming services for broadcasters and event producers. Not to mention remote production and classic broadcast mixing,” says Thierry Heldenbergh, MD at AED Display. “By providing a full demo and training facility, we’ll bring users face-to-face with the system, provide real ‘on-the-job’ training and show the platform’s full capabilities.” The Kairos Training Academy Network ensures Panasonic has systems available across Europe. But, it also provides market experts to explain how the platform can be used across diverse areas of content, including live events, sports, TV broadcast and even corporate.

the LED backdrop and graphics behind the DJ during the stream.” BRINGING THE WORLD TOGETHER The Yves V set was delivered to his YouTube and Facebook

to showcase this without any compromise in quality and with maximum efficiency, but at the same time ensure safety for the participants by being able to control everything remotely. I think it’s something that is here to stay.”

WORLD-BEATER Yves V is a regular in the DJ Mag Top 100


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