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Belgian DJ Yves V wows audiences and content producers with a live stream built on a wealth of innovative tech

s the holidays approached at the end of last year, the Covid-19 pandemic forced yet more rounds of isolation. People needed cheering up. It’s now almost a cliché to observe


that lockdowns have accelerated the willingness of companies to roll out livestreamed or hybrid events. And the tools for pulling these off in new, more exciting ways are now widely employed. Panasonic’s raft of production technologies, including its industry-standard PTZ cameras and next-generation live production platform Kairos, have become essential kit in building new media experiences during these challenging times. In autumn 2021, Belgian music producer and DJ, Yves V, teamed up with Panasonic to deliver a seasonal celebration for music lovers worldwide. “At a time when it’s still difficult to bring fans together face-to-face, I wanted to lift everyone’s spirits as we approach Christmas,” says Yves V, “and what better way than through music and dance?” RAISE YOUR GLASS-TO-GLASS Panasonic reached out to AV equipment banker AED group, headquartered in Willebroek, Belgium – just outside of Antwerp. AED Studios, located in Lint near Antwerp and Brussels, is one of the key production hubs in the Benelux area. Its studio complex is also one of Europe’s greenest, powered

by approximately 10,000 sq m of solar panels, using electrical heating and featuring computer-controlled, energy-efficient LED lighting. The event was a chance to test the “glass-to-glass” workflow of Panasonic’s live production platform. This was done by producing the major music event with a second stream, allowing audiences – especially those in the content production sector – to watch the action in real time, via the master control room. AED’s extended reality studio was selected as the site. The XR Studio (an appropriate designation for such a climate-conscious company) has capabilities for the entire bouquet of extended reality broadcast applications. The build was a partnership between a

number of companies, including AED Display, MalfMedia, AV Wizard, By Lex Concept-Design-Control, QBE and Eurogrip. It was fitted with high-end floor and side wall LED screens, real-time rendering, camera tracking systems and Panasonic PTZ cameras. AED Studios is also home to one of Panasonic’s Kairos Training Academies, and has already developed expertise with the live production platform.



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