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Dejero sets a new bar of excellence in 2022, with its EnGo 265 mobile transmitter featuring GateWay mode

ejero’s network blending technology has climbed the highest mountains and sailed the choppiest seas. Its reliable solutions have consistently proven that the sky’s the limit, and that it’s possible to provide powerful coverage from all four corners of the earth. Throughout 2021, Dejero’s EnGo transmitters have delivered content in what was another challenging year. But 2022 promises a new era in content streaming, with the EnGo 265. Reliable, simple and built tough for field use, their latest mobile transmitter with built-in internet gateway is designed for live video professionals that demand steadfast connectivity in challenging environments. “The EnGo 265 is our latest production addition of our network blending technology for field video transmission,” says director of product management Yvonne Monterroso. “The significant difference is we have added enhanced security features and internet gateway functionality, providing reliable, high-bandwidth internet access in the field.” GateWay mode allows teams to get more done in the field to meet tight deadlines, without having to return to home base. It works with Dejero’s award- winning Smart Blending Technology , enabling news and live event production teams to securely access the internet with a stable, high-bandwidth connection, made possible by blending multiple network connections together. This enables fast transfer of large files, access to MAM, newsroom


and other private systems, as well as providing sufficient bandwidth for publishing content to multiple social media platforms. Monterroso stresses that with this latest EnGo, Dejero has completely overhauled the system, with a continued focus on reliability. “It’s demonstrated through our ability to drop the latency as low as 0.5 seconds over bonded cellular connections. This is really useful for things like talkbacks, where news presenters can have a natural dialogue with the person reporting from the field. “Blending multiple networks into a single service provides the speed and reliability demanded by our customers,” Monterroso continues. The EnGo 265 features high-efficiency antennas and world-class RF design, ensuring cellular reception in congested network scenarios and where cellular reception may be limited. “Our antenna design is a real differentiator from other transmitters in the market,” explains Monterroso. “We collaborated with industry- leading RF experts, to deliver the best possible customer experience. We’ve optimised the transmitter for antenna performance, to make sure users get every scrap of bandwidth squeezed out of every available network connection.” As ever, Dejero continues to support customers pushing the boundaries to deliver the story. “We have seen a variety of interesting uses of our EnGo transmitters – like people jumping out of helicopters with an EnGo strapped to their back or trekking peaks and valleys for a live shot,” says Monterroso. “But what stands out with the EnGo 265 is the ability to harness GateWay mode. Reliable, high-bandwidth internet access from anywhere gives crews the freedom to do more in the field like they haven’t had before.”


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