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What’s your origin story? Pictory was born out of frustration. My co- founders and I are entrepreneurs and marketers. While running our

What’s next? We have many things on our road map to help content creators. In the future, we will enable our customers to create videos from audio-only podcasts, translate videos from one language to another and many more innovations. We have just started on this journey to make video creation and editing easy for everyone! If you could have anything right now, what would that be? Entrepreneurs are an impatient bunch. They want everything immediately. More users of their platform; higher retention; higher revenue; all the road map features. That’s the dream. The focus for us, at this point in time, is growing our community of creators – the people who need this platform. The Pictory.ai creator community on Facebook has about 2000 members right now, and we would love to see many more join in the near future.

previous businesses, we faced a problem creating short, bite- sized videos that we desperately wanted to share. It took so much time that we couldn’t do it ourselves, or reasonably afford the staff resources to get it done consistently. Thanks to this frustration, we teamed up, and soon Pictory was born – so that other entrepreneurs do not go through what we did! We built the initial prototype at a hackathon in Seattle.

What are you working on now? We have built an AI-powered video solution that empowers content creators and marketers to edit and produce engaging videos automatically – in minutes and at scale. We have over 5000 customers globally, who use Pictory to create video highlights, edit videos using text, add captions and repurpose existing long-form content – such as webinars, podcasts and blogs – into social snippets.


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