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STARTING A NEW WAY OF LIVE Live streaming at scale means a new era of media entertainment

ediaKind has been providing live and on-demand solutions for the media industry since well before

As MediaKind sees it, the main branch of the media business requiring this expertise is live production – especially live streaming at a large scale. Live broadcast now has the power to reach almost anyone – in any country, on any device. This means you must be able to scale massively, at the highest quality, with limited impact to the bottom line. These technological challenges no longer have to be a consideration when broadcasters are looking to reach their audiences – hence the new MediaKind campaign headliner, ‘live without limits.’ SPORTING SHOWCASE MediaKind demonstrated its live services at the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics. It provided video contribution and distribution solutions for a major broadcaster, who employed MediaKind’s video processing and advanced modular receiver technologies to support high-quality, low-latency streaming. MediaKind engineers were also on the scene for installation and support.


it spun off from parent company Ericsson in 2018, with competencies in areas like picture quality, compression, enabling UHD and helping transition customers from SDI to IP. “We see ourselves very much as a media technology centre of excellence,” says Stuart Boorn, MediaKind VP of product management and marketing. “We came out of Ericsson with lots of different aspects to our portfolio, but they all have one key ingredient – solving industry problems that, from a technology perspective, are extremely challenging.” Challenges around bandwidth efficiency, running data centres and achieving video at scale – including 75,000 linear channels and hundreds of petabytes of storage – has honed the MediaKind offering to three main pillars: quality, scalability and reliability.

“It took us a week to spin up our solution for the Olympics,” says Boorn. “Three years ago, it would have been six months, plus a world of testing. The challenge we face is how to spin up those streaming services even more rapidly, but making sure they’re still a managed, high-quality broadcast.” When this type of cloud-enabled live production becomes second nature, broadcasters can access a whole world of data, analytics and monetisation that aren’t available in a traditional linear broadcast.

DYNAMIC VIEWS MediaKind’s aim is to deliver solutions around the globe, seamlessly


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