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THE ANSWER? Block opens his conclusion with a bold declaration: “There is a view across the UK television and radio industries that Ofcom has not been effective in delivering on its diversity remit.” There is a deep, shared concern that the body on whom both the industry and the general public should be able to rely, isn’t regulating and activating diversity effectively. He emphasises how, “Ofcom

needs to allocate sufficient resources, processes and systems to encourage change in the industry. “The regulatory function should go beyond Ofcom licence holders, if it is going to address the many concerns voiced by stakeholders.” As the figures we do have present an uneven image of representation in UK media, Block’s report demonstrates a need to assess governing bodies themselves, rather than simply the statistics they produce.


You can find the full report at bcu.ac.uk/media/research/sir-lenny-henry-centre-for-media-diversity


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