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VIZRT vizrt.com

workflows where cost and features scale up or down as needed.” GV AMPP is now the core technology powering the new GV Media Universe, as announced in last month’s FEED:SHOW. The GV AMPP platform is cloud-native and cloud-agnostic, while supporting the processing of video/audio in the public cloud, in a private on-premises data centre or in hybrid topologies. Shoulders added: “Our work with Activision Blizzard Esports is a perfect example of how this technology allows live content producers to leverage a new level of agility and flexibility.” VIZ ENGINE 4.1 Another announcement from Vizrt is a major update to real-time graphics and video compositing platform, Viz Engine 4.1. The update introduces multiple render blades, allowing media producers to choose which blade to use and mix them. New aspects include the gaming engine render blade with its first integration – Unreal Engine 4. This supports multiple inputs and runs with classic and Fusion render blades. Also, the Fusion Keyer now supports HDR, and offers de-noising and detail preservation. The new video I/O system delivers parallel processing of colour conversion, de-interlacing and chroma keying on input streams. Viz Artist, a motion graphics design tool, has also been enhanced to support the designing of the graphics capabilities of Viz Engine 4.1.

TRANSITIONING VIZ MULTIPLAY Vizrt, provider of software- defined visual storytelling tools

for media content creators, has updated its Viz Multiplay. Viz Multiplay is a multiscreen content distribution and control system. Focusing on controlling the increasing number of screens that are in studios, it can be used to take graphics, images or video clips on all the studio screens. Studio screens have become key for broadcasters and are used to tell visually compelling stories to engage and inform audiences worldwide. “The ability to freely mix live media, video clips, graphics and stills on each screen with fully flexible Viz Artist- defined transitions adds storytelling power and freedom in a way not seen before in standalone screen control

systems.” says Gerhard Lang, CTO for the Vizrt Group. The new ‘Superchannel’ functionality permits a full range of transitions between any type of media on every screen controlled, including clips, live feeds, graphics and images through an A/B workflow with two sub players per Superchannel. This provides more accurate and synchronised playout and broadcasters can use multiple transitions between presets.

GRASS VALLEY grassvalley.com/solutions/ampp

ELASTICATED CLOUD Grass Valley has launched its new cloud- based SaaS, Agile Media Processing Platform (GV AMPP). Unlocking the ability for elastic compute with live sports, news and playout workflows, the software aims to help customers transition into the future-ready public data-centre. GV AMPP allows production teams to create customisable workflows, with apps such as multi-viewers, router panels, test signal generators, switchers, graphics renderers, clip players and recorders. Using microservices architecture, GV AMPP enables elastic media services and

addresses issues that usually complicate common IP and cloud deployments. Grass Valley president, Tim Shoulders, said: “With GV AMPP, we’re delivering a simple way to unlock production

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