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With business being conducted in lockdown, corporations are producing more in-house video than ever before – and they’re looking for solutions to manage it

t’s easy to forget about it, with everyone staying at home and businesses shutting their doors over the past year, but it’s been a boom time for the production of video. Though we haven’t seen any conclusive research, it’s a good bet that more video was produced in 2020 than any other year. But it wasn’t made by movie studios, broadcasters or YouTubers. It was made by people at work. A number of cost-effective, easy-to- use video communication platforms were waiting in the wings at the start of 2020. When the pandemic forced businesses to find new ways of working, these video tools became indispensable for communication with customers and within businesses. Video has become the lingua franca – and it doesn’t show any signs of going away. But while companies are producing more and more video, they don’t necessarily want to hire large tech teams dedicated to maintaining that part of the business. Intuitive use and easy integration with existing systems are the hallmarks of video solutions embraced by the corporate world. Vendors are developing tools that lie in that sweet spot of having a powerful selection of features as well as easy implementation. Media solutions provider Dalet is leveraging its years of expertise working

access like Dalet Flex simplifies delivery and access across all stakeholders. Alonso adds: “One of our customers, a sports club, said that before Dalet Flex, their video content was all over – on a USB drive or someone’s computer. Producers would scramble around to find a piece of content. Now they have a solution that allows them to locate content easily, and schedule it for distribution to their social media and subscriber platform, based on campaign planning. Even when the pandemic hit, it was easy for teams working from home to access that central repository.” Having a SaaS solution like Dalet Flex in place is also a lifesaver for marketing teams who want to post to social media or publish to their platforms of choice. Flex makes it easy to schedule and publish content directly from the system and produce reports afterward. With video consolidated via a single interface, businesses have a chance to take stock of the assets they have. Rather than the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ condition of having material squirrelled away who knows where, being able to see and access your material in one place is a great tool for thinking about it creatively. Those training videos could become monetisable assets, or an archive of CEO pep talks could be the basis of a company vision for employees. Companies might be sitting on a gold mine that is growing ever more rapidly. Alonso concludes: “The pandemic has accelerated the explosion of video being created as a communication, engagement and branding tool. With SaaS-based, easy-to- learn media workflow tools, any organisation can implement a winning video strategy.”

with broadcasters and busy news organisations to help any corporation cope with this new video frontier. “One of our customers is an insurance company with more than 10,000 employees,” says Bea Alonso, Dalet’s chief market officer. “They produce a lot of internal training videos. It came to a point where managing all of that content was getting difficult. We were able to provide them with solutions that are tried and tested in video production and distribution.” Dalet Flex is a lightweight, cloud- based content management solution. The user interfaces are intuitive and browser-based, which makes it accessible from any location. There is now a proliferation in the amount of video companies are producing, as well as in the kinds of assets being produced. These include buyer engagement and promotional videos, product reviews, tutorials for customers, plus internal training materials, HR briefings and material for company-wide addresses and events. As a result, content is rarely produced by a single team. Multiple producers in multiple locations can be working across multiple projects. Whether these are internal communications people or external production companies and creative agencies, a single point of



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