FEED Spring 2021 Web

What is your origin story? At DISEO, we share a simple belief that data rights are human rights. We are a diverse group of social media enthusiasts who became frustrated with how big players dominate and manipulate the market. All users fall victim to imbalanced revenue-sharing models, broken algorithms, and the exploitative auctioning of their data. Social media should be socially operated. That is why we are determined to realise a truly democratic and decentralised platform, where stakeholders are able to own and control their data and online experience. We believe that with full ownership and control of personal data comes liberty, autonomy, security and prosperity for all, which brings us closer to a free and independent internet. We hope you join us! What is the company working on right now? We are fine-tuning the existing platform, which covers typical online social interactions such as posting, commenting, sharing, messaging, calling and live streaming. What makes DISEO unique is the combining of data security, social media and finance. Our social ecosystem provides individuals with control over all of their data and exposure on the platform. After account verification, individuals receive a real-money wallet, provided by a licensed financial partner. This enables individuals to monetise data and choose which brands they engage with. The platform allows influencers, organisations and brands to directly connect with their communities and compensate individuals engaging with their content. Verified accounts gain access to a unique, community-controlled rating system. Individuals may rate organisations, brands and community members based on their socially-oriented behaviour. This allows individuals to influence the brands they love to better align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. What is the next step for the company? DISEO aims to provide a solution for every organisation and brand seeking independence from incumbent social media platforms. In


addition, we will add more functionality to our social commerce ecosystem, so that individuals not only earn from interaction with brands, but can create a dynamic, bustling online marketplace. What one thing does the company need most right now? Growth. DISEO is looking for enthusiasts who want to make the world better. Influencers who want to create a positive impact while earning from their reach, organisations to support the Sustainable Development Goals, and sustainability-oriented brands who want to closely interact with their communities. All are invited to help create a free and independent internet. Investors are also welcome to finance this future of social media.


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