FEED Spring 2021 Web

What is your origin story? My co-founder Charles Flükiger and I were investigating the production of VR experiences and were shocked to learn how much effort it takes to create 3D objects that are photorealistic, behave realistically when you interact with them, and are game-engine ready. We connected the dots between this pain point and our past experience of building businesses in the field of X-ray technology. One of those was in industrial computed tomography (CT). As CT uses X-ray, it sees everything, both inside and out, in astonishing detail and provides information about the physical properties of the object. We thought it would be possible to produce beautiful, game- ready 3D objects using CT data as the input. We tried it and it worked. We then patented the application and founded SO REAL. What is the company working on right now? Using our patented (pending) scanning and conversion technology, SO REAL automates the production of digital twins of 3D objects. We mass-produce cinematic-quality, game- ready, and XR-ready 3D & 4D+ objects for use in games, films, XR experiences, e-commerce & AR retail. What is the next step for the company? We will soon launch “The Twinverse”, our online webshop for our digital twins. In the background, we are constantly raising the level of automation of the twinning process. What one thing does the company need most right now? We need more customers!


What is your origin story? As a film composer, I fully understand the need for production efficiency in filmmaking. We also want to increase revenue for musicians, since the current revenue share from streaming services is very small. Empowered by AI, our technology helps shorten the video music production process from six months to eight seconds. Our product is tailor-made for video makers. Our platform includes 300- plus features, along with AI music recommendations, licensing, AI sound production and more. Increasing efficiency means creators can win more projects, earn higher revenue and focus on creative work.

What is the company working on right now? Seed round of fundraising and continuing to polish products and expand our music database with partners. We have also joined TechCrunch, Web Summit, WCIT, CES and Cannes Film Festival. What is the next step for the company? We aim to increase our paying users, increase our music database, and release our second version of the platform. What one thing does the company need most right now? Fundraising. We’re also happy to discuss music licensing partnership opportunities.



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