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You’ll give clients a better experience 5 reasons to read Professional Photo Pro focus Aimed at aspiring and professional photographers, Professional Photo offers the perfect mix of advice to boost your earnings – every issue

We believe that inspiration is an important part of being a professional photographer. Ideas don’t come from nowhere, which is why every issue features interviews with and articles about some of the world’s leading photographers. Whatever you shoot, you’ll find amazing photography in every issue, as well as the stories of how these images were created and how the photographers got to shoot them. Regaling us with their experiences and sharing practical tips, these photographers are sure to inspire you to even greater things.

Running a successful professional photography business and indeed building one means you’re busy, juggling shooting and editing, emailing and blogging, accounting and bookings, as well as checking out travel arrangements, insurance and the latest kit. What little time that leaves in your working day is not to be wasted, which is where

Professional Photo comes in. Every issue is full of clearly and concisely written, well-researched articles, discussing the topics you want to know about. Whether you’re investing in new kit or seeking a better deal on your insurance, Professional Photo can help. If you’re looking to boost your profile or researching a new

genre, you can bet that Professional Photo has been examining just that subject, too. Professional Photo is the title for aspiring and full-time professionals. If you’ve never read it before or simply want to know more, read on for five top reasons to make Professional Photo part of your business.

We understandwhat you and your business need

Your business will benefit

You’ll buywith confidence

With gear being superseded before you can even say ‘obsolete’, investing in new kit can be a worrying experience. So before you buy anything, read our reviews. From first looks at the latest camera launch, hands-on reviews of a full studio lighting set-up to quick field-tests of a vital accessory, our tests are dedicated to finding out if kit is up to the rigours of a working photographer’s life.

Earning your living as a photographer

requires as much business savvy as it

You get 13 issues a year

does photographic talent. To make your business better, every issue of Professional Photo offers essential advice from industry experts, marketing gurus and experienced photographers who’ve been there and done that. If it’s ideas to improve your social media profile or ways to update some aspect of your business you want, you can be sure we’ll ask the pertinent questions. Professional Photo is the magazine for business advice, fine-tuned for photographers.

With Professional Photo out every four weeks, you’re guaranteed a healthy dollop of advice, inspiration and up-to-date information on a regular basis. And at just £4.75 an issue, it shouldn’t break the bank. For an even more cost-effective solution, subscribe. Sign up with a direct debit and you pay just £13 every six months – a saving of over 50% on the cover price. Plus every quarter you’ll receive a free copy of Pro Moviemaker , dedicated to photographers who want to use their digital SLR or CSC to capture commercial video footage.

Tuned into the market, Professional Photo tackles all the topics relevant to photographers working today. We know that you know how to take a photograph, so we concentrate on the other skills and elements of the photography business. Looking at topics such as the proliferation of videography and the nitty-gritty of working for yourself, we ask those at the top of their game for their experiences. Every issue shares the wisdom and understanding of professional photographers.

Subscribe at or 01778 392497

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inspirational ways to signmore clients, sell more images and save more cash, plus a first look at Fujifilm’s new X Series camera, the X-H1. Issue 144, on sale from 29 March, looks at whether smartphone cameras can ever replace a pro’s camera, takes you behind the scenes on a pro location shoot and profiles the career of editorial, beauty and fashion shooter Chris Floyd. Use the coupon opposite to buy either issue of Professional Photo fromWHSmith and save £1 off the usual £4.75 cover price.


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