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TomBarnes Tom is a self-taught multi-award-winning photographer and filmmaker based in London. With a career that spans 15 years he’s shot everyone from heavy metal bands to politicians, murderers to ballet stars. With work often seen in The Sunday Times Magazine and shooting advertising for brands all over the world, his journey has been as varied as it has been challenging. With work shot for the Rio Paralympics and more recently personal work from refugee camps in war zones, come and hear how his life was changed in Syria and how getting held up at gunpoint isn’t as fun as it sounds. Holly is a commercial portrait and lifestyle photographer based in London and working worldwide. She works with a mixture of clients, from large corporations and agencies through to charities, entrepreneurs and public figures. Her love of photography began as a child, inspired by her grandad and then, in turn, her father’s passion for taking pictures. She asked for her first camera at the age of ten, and hasn’t been far from one since. Holly is passionate about people, and photography is her way to connect As a specialist in capturing beautiful images of new-borns, babies, couples, families, friends, loved ones, pets and anything that is meaningful to his clients, Panikos is skilled at working with light, and has been a long-time Profoto user. His aim is to immortalise the beautiful expressions children can give, to capture the innocence of our new-borns, the beauty of teenagers and the love and respect shown to older generations, and he’s looking to craft memories that can last for generations. Panikos will be talking about the freedom that working with the Profoto B1 gives him, not just on location but also in the studio, where the ability to work without trailing cables saves potential trip hazards and does away with limits on how far you can move the lights from power points. In addition these lights also offer a very short flash duration and a wide range of power outputs, enabling daylight to be balanced with flash on indoor shoots. HollyWren

photographer Rossella Vanon has had her work published in Marie Claire and

Elle and shot with brands

Ottoman Hands jewellery, NYX cosmetics and Samira Jasat. In 2011 she was named Professional Photographer of the Year and has been interviewed by a variety of publications about her work. More recently Rossella has published a book, Lighting People: a complete lighting guide for photographers shooting people . Originally shooting nature and then portraits, Rossella says that fashion photography for her has been a journey rather than a destination.

Live demonstrations onMonday and Tuesday

Speaking on Monday

Talks on the Profoto stand every day

At TPS she’ll be talking about her experience with the

Profoto A1, specifically as a travel companion, and how she used it in Australia to take portraits of the Royal Flying Doctors at their outback base. It was an equipment choice that allowed her to travel and undertake a location-style shoot without having to rely on her larger studio lighting alternatives.

with them and the world. She believes everyone, without exception, has a story, and that’s what keeps her hooked.

Get an AI Experience!

At this year’s TPS a part of the Profoto stand (E121) has been set aside as an area where the Profoto A1, the world’s smallest studio light, can be tested out. Visitors to the show are welcome to bring along their own cameras or to borrow those on the Profoto stand to experience for themselves what this revolutionary new light has to offer. There’s even the chance to win one. There will also be special show discounts on courses at the Profoto Academy available throughout TPS, so come along and take advantage of some cut-price learning.

Live demonstrations

on Saturday and Sunday

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