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improvements in quality, resolution and autofocus that the rest of the more expensive cameras in the range have benefited from already. In that way, you could see it as a more modern upgrade to the GH5 and, as it’s around £300/$300 cheaper than the GH5 was at launch, and comes with V-Log L already installed, it’s a bit of a bargain. Some might think it’s a stopgap camera before the GH6 comes out (see p51 for more on this), but as well as the higher spec, it has some really pioneering streaming capabilities. Live streaming has exploded in popularity recently, accelerated by the stay-at-home lockdowns of the past year. While it is possible to stream frommany cameras using capture cards or other bits of hardware and software, the GH5 II makes it simplicity itself. Using the Lumix Sync app on any iOS or Android smartphone, you can livestream directly from the camera to all the major services, such as Facebook Live and YouTube, as well as Twitch and any other streaming platform. You don’t need a computer or Wi-Fi router, just wirelessly link up the camera to your phone and go live instantly and without fuss. It’s very simple – just what a whole generation of content creators have been screaming out for. Top-quality footage and audio from a proper camera, livestreamed without any hassle or technical knowledge needed, via a smartphone they already own. Of course, you can plug it into a computer to stream in the usual way if you want to. There’s also a USB-C socket to make it even easier, that gives charging on-the- go from a powerbank that will top up the new-spec, more powerful battery. Once you’ve experienced wireless and Wi-Fi-free streaming, it’s addictive. Sony has tried to muscle in on the easy-streaming action, with the Xperia Pro smartphone that

“The GH5 II is bang on themoney for themodern content creator whowants quality YouTube content”

impressive. The headline figure is that the GH5 II now records DCI or UHD 4K video in 10-bit 4:2:0, at up to 60p internally to memory cards with no crop. If you add an external recorder, it will simultaneously output the same signal, but in 4:2:2 10-bit for even higher quality. The older camera required an external recorder for any 10-bit 60p or 50p 4K footage. If you drop the GH5 II’s frame rate to 30p or less, then it records DCI or UHD 4K video in 10-bit 4:2:2. To further boost its cinematography credentials, there are several anamorphic desqueeze options built in. That’s all very nice, but there aren’t many people prepared to bosh a £10k, full-frame anamorphic lens on a £1499/$1698 camera. However, in more recent

has a mini HDMI socket, so you can plug in your Sony Alpha mirrorless camera and stream that way. But the phone costs £2300/$2498 and you still need a cable between it and the camera. With the GH5 II, you use the phone you already have. It is bang on the money for the modern content creator who wants top-quality footage for YouTube videos and the capability to stream from a phone. A forthcoming firmware update promises wired IP streaming in the RTP and RTSP protocols, too. Also, it will allow USB tethering to a compatible smartphone, in case you don’t trust wireless. It’s worth mentioning that the GH5 II takes good photos, too – ideal for Instagram. If you’re not into streaming, then the new specs are still very

COLOUR ME GOOD The GH5 II can handle a huge dynamic range between shadows and bright highlights, especially shooting Log

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