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14 days (instead of the usual eight to ten weeks) and the orthodontist can ensure they are being seen in-person only when absolutely necessary, rather than travelling to an appointment only to be told they can continue with things as they are, which will often happen. Invisalign is likely one of the better- known orthodontic treatments out there, and Dr Francis is an Invisalign Diamond Apex level expert, but he offers a whole range of other treatments too, including aligners, fixed braces – which are still the most common type of brace, and often the most cost-effective – and the Carriere Motion appliance. This is another innovative option for adults and children who need bite correction, and can speed the process up and eliminate the need for headgear. “Dr Francis is a speaker for both Carriere Motion and Dental Monitoring, and delivers presentations to dentists

We want our patients to be as well-informed about the choices available to them as possible

all around the UK and Europe on how to use the treatments. Our patients can really trust that he offers expert advice and will suggest the best treatments available for a whole range of issues,” says Modesta. Both adults and children are often told they don’t qualify for NHS orthodontics, even if they are unhappy with their smile or are experiencing issues with their bite. But this doesn’t mean they are free from requiring treatment; it is simply that cases have to be particularly severe to get an NHS referral. If this has happened to you – or if you want to explore different options and

feel confident in the fact that you’re getting the most effective treatment available – the team at Autograph Dental will be more than happy to talk to you and offer advice. And if you do decide to start the journey towards getting the perfect smile, you can be sure the team will be there to help every step of the way.

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