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Autograph Dental With stylish, eye-catching decor and the very latest in orthodontic technology, Autograph Dental brings a 21st-century approach to delivering the perfect smile


L ooking for a straighter smile? The practice is led by Dr Francis Scriven, a specialist orthodontist with more than 15 years’ experience, who worked previously at Anglia Orthodontics. The team opened the innovative, private-only clinic on Trumpington High Street in January this year, quickly establishing a reputation for both eye-catching interiors and cutting- edge orthodontic technology. The clinic has a stylish and contemporary look, with white walls, modern, acid-toned furniture and glass- fronted treatment rooms, creating a clean The new Cambridge orthodontic clinic, Autograph Dental, is the ideal place to start your journey. and bright environment. “We are very proud of the new clinic,” says Modesta Jakstonyte Senarath, Autograph Dental’s accounts and marketing lead. “It has been a dream of Dr Francis’ for a long time to establish an innovative practice, offering new and different types of treatments – the unique appearance of the building is part of showing our patients that this is something fresh.” The look of the interiors has proved to be particularly popular with teenage patients: “They quite often want to take photographs while they are here!” laughs Modesta. Anything that makes the process more fun and much less of a chore for

ALL ALIGNED Based in a sleek and professional setting, Autograph Dental is raising the bar when it comes to orthodontic practices, while offering informative advice to its clients throughout the process

has in all areas of our lives. While face-to- face appointments are always going to be a crucial aspect of treatment – we’re talking about moving teeth around here, after all – more can be achieved remotely, reducing the time patients have to take off either work or school. One of the innovative systems Autograph uses is Dental Monitoring. “At the start of the treatment, the patient is given Dental Monitoring equipment, which includes a Scanbox and some cheek retractors,” explains Modesta. “The equipment works together with an app on the patient’s smartphone. All they need to do is insert their phone into the Scanbox, attach the cheek retractors to the inside of their mouth and submit photos through the app. The photos are then reviewed virtually and we get back to the patient with feedback.” This means each patient’s treatment is being monitored every four to

the younger end of the client list is always going to be a good thing. If you want to find out more about orthodontics and the treatments on offer at Autograph Dental, you’ll find loads of information on the website. Orthodontic treatment can sometimes seem rather mysterious and potentially confusing, but everything you need to know – from detailed descriptions of different treatment options available and which might be best for your individual needs, to treatment plans and how much you can expect to pay – is on the site. “We want our patients to be as well-informed about the choices available to them as possible,” explains Modesta. “Every patient’s requirements are different; something that makes Autograph Dental stand out is offering lots of choice, and being transparent and informative.” Technology in orthodontics has moved at a rapid pace in recent years, just as it


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