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RAT RACE In the fast- paced world of social media, kit that enables a quick turnaround is a must

“There’s 2TB of storage and it’s so fast, but it easily fits in your pocket”

a while and, when I first started, I was carrying a lot of kit. Now, I’ve managed to get it down to just one tiny case. The Portable SSD T7 Shield fits very nicely within that. Ultimately, it means when I have to move quickly to the other side of the lake, I don’t have to waste time with three trips.” For Downing, like many others, the shoot is only half the story. True to form, however, his post-production demands are far from light. It was another challenge the drive took on seamlessly. “Half the time, editing on location is a must,” he says. “I’ll try and get a video turned around within the same day, to really keep my clients’ social media channels flowing. We don’t want to announce a competition ahead of a weekend, get people excited, then have radio silence at the time. Often these will be three-day events, as well, with a new video on each day. “Old external disk drives were so slow that you couldn’t effectively edit off them, but SSD improved that greatly. The Portable SSD T7 Shield is especially

impressive. If you’re shooting in 4K Raw, those files get quite demanding, but even with my highest-resolution footage, the drive doesn’t struggle. I’ve never encountered any issues, even with a lot of post effects. There’s no notable difference between the external source and files on the computer’s hard drive. The great benefit is I can carry on working straight off the Portable SSD T7 Shield on any machine, and the project is all still there.” Whether it’s hopping between a Mac laptop and tower, over to a PC or an Android device, gaming console or beyond, the Portable SSD T7 Shield effortlessly adapts. As filmmaking workflows become more evolved, only you know where the potential could end. Having beaten the lag of lesser devices, the Samsung portable drive targets another common issue. Overheating is alleviated by an advanced Dynamic Thermal Guard design. No matter where you choose to edit, or how large the project, the Portable SSD T7 Shield will remain a cool companion. “I hope to get my hands on the drive again,” Downing concludes. “I’ve used earlier Samsung SSDs and loved their speed, and I’ve used other rugged drives – but I’d never found a combination of both.” The reason is simple. When it comes to speed and sturdiness, the Samsung Portable SSD T7 Shield is one of a kind.

needed grip, in Downing’s operation. All in all, it keeps your files safe against drops of 3m, sprays of water and showers of dust. “The drive is tiny, too,” the filmmaker notes, addressing the drive’s other impressive features. “There’s 2TB of storage and it’s so fast, but it easily fits in your pocket. I’ve been doing this quite

IN-HOUSE JOB Editing straight off the drive is easy with the Samsung Portable SSD T7 Shield portable-ssd/

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