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BEST OF BOTH WORLDS For action shooters like Downing, a rugged design mixed with fast speeds is crucial

Wakeboard filmmaker Gareth Downing pushes creativity to the extremes. This time, he takes the rapid, rugged Samsung Portable SSD T7 Shield along for the ride MAKING WAVES

but to them, there’s only one perfect take. If I miss that key moment because I’m transferring files instead of recording, it’s definitely upsetting.” With maximum respective read and write speeds of 1050MB/s and 1000MB/s, excessive downtime is a thing of the past. Sizable blocks of data can be pulled from a card onto the Portable SSD T7 Shield in seconds, leaving more time for what matters most on location. “The drive’s weather resistance is also extremely important to me,” Downing continues. “When I’m filming from the boat as riders get towed, people are getting in and out, they’re wet and their gear is everywhere. Just knowing that the drive is protected, even if it takes a little bit of a tumble, gives me peace of mind.” What would leave most SSDs damaged beyond repair is light work for this rugged tech. The Portable SSD T7 Shield’s lack of moving parts is protected further by a built- in rubber casing – doubling as some much-

which required a same-day output, ready to be used to help find sponsorships ahead of the World Championships.” As an end-to-end filmmaker, full responsibility falls to Downing. From the very beginning, stakes are high. Thankfully, he had the Samsung Portable SSD T7 Shield on hand. “Constantly, throughout the shoot, I strip footage onto an SSD. If we’re doing drone work, I’ll swap the card and batteries every time it comes back to land. If I’m out in the boat, it’s the same process at the earliest opportunity. Fast storage is essential for that turnaround. “When an athlete lands a trick six times, they might all look good to a spectator,

GIVEN THE CHOICE between a comfortable studio and the frigid waters of a lake, most creatives would opt for the former in a heartbeat. But Gareth Downing is not most creatives. Like mastering the probing detail of documentary or careful considerations of the commercial world, the action sports genre has its set of challenges. Overcome, and framed through this filmmaker’s lens, the results are spectacular. “I do a lot of charity work for wakeboarding organisations, to promote the sport. I also work more directly with some of the top riders in the UK. Content is used for marketing campaigns on social media and beyond,” Downing explains. “My latest shoot was a Team GB training session,


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