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SPECIFICATIONS Maximumpower: 14W Maximumoutput: 500 lumens, 250 lux at 6500K, 320 lux in boost mode Run time: 3 hours Colour temperature: 700-10,000K Colour rendering: CRI average 95+, TLCI 90+ LED control panel: 1.3in OLED 128x64px Wireless: Bluetooth BLE via iOS and AndroidmyMIX app Body: Aluminium Weight: 367g/0.8lb DimensionsWxHxD: 128x80x28mm/5x3.1x1.1in

with a soft rubber cover, also comes in the kit. This fixes into a mounting hole, before magnetically attaching to a flat steel panel, such as a metal handrail in a building. The whole lot, along with a USB-C charging cable, is held in a custom-fitted protective case. To operate the light, the rear control panel has three buttons, while an LED screen displays different on-board menu options. The right side has a large, knurled control wheel that rotates or clicks inwards to adapt settings. It’s ideal for swiftly changing light intensity or colour temperature. InWhite mode, you can separately alter both, as well as the tint. Colour mode lets you change intensity, colour temperature, hue and saturation – you can choose from the entire rainbow! Gel mode mirrors these settings, also offering Rosco gel colours with hue and saturation tweaks. FX light options mimic emergency vehicles, paparazzi flashes, TV screens and firelight, plus you can change pulse speed and intensity. Finally, Source Matchmode can alter light intensity to match Xenon headlights, candle flame, frosty moonlight, HP and LP sodium lights, tungsten, mercury and sodium vapour, plus blue and green screens. Bluetooth configuration facilitates unit control via the myMIX app. The USB-C charging port’s rubber cover keeps out the elements, and it’s IP54 weather-resistant. There is also

Traditionally known for its range of gels, Rosco’s pro-level DMG Dash kit enters the brand into the market of small, pocket-sized LED lights. The portable, handheld unit offers a huge spectrumof colours, using the same six-chip LED set found in all of the company’s larger Mix LED light banks. The Dash recreates more than 130 colours, matching Rosco’s beloved gels. As well as white in all temperatures and hues, there’s colour matching for most light sources. While many small LED panels are plastic, the DMG Dash is a solidly built bit of kit, weighing a mere 367g/0.8lb, despite the all-weather aluminiumhousing. The unit is just 128x80x28mm/5x3.1x1.1in in size, yet pumps out up to 380 lux at 1m/39in. Its light output is rated to 95+ CRI and 90+ TLCI for consistency. Each light comes with a flat diffuser panel, dome diffusion panel, plastic eggcrate grid, and gel holder for additional gel or diffusion. Small magnets in each corner stick firmly to the unit’s matchingmagnetic pads. You can also stack several together – for example, the grid can be placed on top of the gel holder. The unit has standard 1/4in threaded holes on the rear panel, bottom and left side, enabling various ways tomount – the included light standmount providing one option. A screw-inmagnetic plate, complete

an optional silicone, half globe diffuser that envelopes the whole LED, creating a soft, round light source. Its small size means the DMG Dash can be hidden inside household lamps tomimic a practical light, mounted to car interiors for a bit of fill, or used as a hair or background light. It performs flicker-free up to 1000fps, removing any slow-motion concerns. What’s more, it’s totally silent, so recording audio is not affected in the slightest. PROMOVIEMAKERRATING: 10/10 The compact Rosco DMG Dash Pocket LED offers the full spectrum of colours in a rugged, easy-to-use package. And the price doesn’t break the bank. Pros: Consistent RGBWW light Cons: Weakmagnetic attachment

POCKET ROCKET! Rosco’s DMG Dash is small, yet controllable in terms of output. Up close (below), it’s great for headshots



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