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PEAK DESIGN SL-BK-3 SLIDE CAMERA STRAP £51/$65 for two things: the perfect camera bag and strap. It’s an impossible task. They don’t actually exist – an image-maker’s needs change as often as camera sizes and shapes. But for my current requirements, the Peak Design SL-BK-3 Slide Camera Strap ticks all the boxes. Once you really start using cameras, it usually means a lifetime of searching Many filmmakers don’t use camera straps at all. But as a hybrid shooter, taking stills as well as moving images, I like to have the safety of a strap – especially when carrying a camera with a long and heavy f/2.8 telezoom attached. I want something easy to adjust, wide enough to take the strain offmy back and, ideally, can be configured in multiple ways. The Peak Design Slide is lengthy and boasts cool, quick-adjust buckles. You pull up on a large lever, adjusting to suit, before clamping down again. This allows the strap to be changed speedily between a normal neck or shoulder strap, and a sling strap across the body. The padded shoulder also takes away some of the strain. It’s not quite as comfy as one of those soft, stretchy neoprene straps, but isn’t far off. The edges of the strap, made of seatbelt webbing, can dig into the neck if you’re not careful, though. On one side, the strap is grippy, ensuring it doesn’t slide off. Alternatively, use the smooth side to slip it on and off easier. The real beauty of the system is the small, quick-adjust fasteners that Peak Design calls anchor clips. I’m often taking straps offmy camera quickly, using gimbals or tripods. But the tiny connectors weigh next to nothing, so they can remain on the

SPECIFICATIONS Width: 45mm/1.8in

Maximum length: 1450mm/57in Minimum length: 990mm/39in Material: Seatbelt-style nylonwebbing, anodised aluminiumand glass-reinforced nylon adjuster hardware, Hypalon accents Connectors: Glass-reinforced nylon links with stainless-steel springs; two-layer, anti-abrasion, woven thermoplastic anchor chord; thermoplastic anchormoulding Anchor diameter: 17mm/0.67in Anchor loop length: 43mm/1.7in Strap loops: 13mm/0.51in Strength rating: 90kg/200lb Weight: 148g/0.32lb might for yours, too. Peak Design also sells a range of different-sized slide straps, leashes and hand straps – so, there’s sure to be something suiting your individual requirements. Anchor links can even be bought separately for fitting your own strap. PROMOVIEMAKERRATING: 8/10 This Peak Design strap’s quick-adjust connector facilitates the safe removal of the strap as required Pros: A thoroughly considered strap system Cons: Seatbelt material proves a bit rough around the neck

camera without affecting balance on a gimbal. They simply thread through the strap eyelets, although Peak Design also supplies its own as part of the kit. They click firmly into the robust connectors when reattaching the strap. There’s really little chance of them unfastening while the camera is in use. The strap comes with two spare clips, as well as a neat and small adapter plate that screws into the base of the camera or a lens foot, turning the strap into a cross-body sling. Peak Design even throws in a hex key to fasten this up. It’s typical of a well-considered and executed design that works well for my needs – right now. And they

PEAK PERFECTION The fast-detach connectors (top) are secure, but low-profile. The strap has cool adjusters (above)

“The tiny connectors weigh next to nothing, remaining on the camera without affecting balance on a gimbal – they thread through the strap eyelets”



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