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When it comes to splurging a lot of money on the next cool camera, most filmmakers usually lust after high-end mirrorless models, or cinema cameras with names like Red, Arri, Canon or Sony emblazoned on them. Few would admit to getting overly excited about a PTZ camera. This stands for pan, tilt, zoom– and most look like pumped-up versions of the security cameras all over the planet, keeping an eye on us all. But in the past couple of years, PTZ cameras have consistently been the highest-selling cameras from the largest manufacturers. And they aren’t being bought to spy on shoplifters – they’re creating quality footage from remote locations. With the explosion in streaming – up 45% last year - as well as the need for social distancing and getting angles on subjects that you wouldn’t normally be able to reach, they are invaluable. Put them in front of pop performers at huge gigs, house them over a basketball court or swimming pool to shoot big sporting events, or fix them in places where you just can’t get a camera operator. Lots of TV shows, such as First Dates and Big Brother , rely almost exclusively on PTZ devices as unobtrusive cameras. And having someone remotely monitoring and controlling them is far more cost-effective than employing a slew of camera operators. Remember, these cameras aren’t low-resolution, cheap options. Canon has recently jumped into the high-quality PTZ market with a trio of 4K models – the flagship CR-X500 costs a staggering £23,759/$22,000. This is about as far as you can get from just a posh security camera. You can almost think of it like a fully waterproof, remote-control, high-end, large-chip camcorder that even has a built-in wiper to clear off raindrops. It has dual Digic DV6 processors that capture 4K up to 60p in 4:2:2 10-bit from its 1.0-type CMOS sensor, with Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF system and a 15x optical zoom. It can even shoot in Canon Log 3 and Wide DR. As well as the outdoor-specific CR-X500, Canon has also revealed the far more affordable and indoor CR-N500 and CR-N300 PTZ cameras, costing £5399/$5399 or £2699/$2699, respectively. Each is compatible with a variety of IP protocols, such as RTMP/ RTMPS, NDI HX and RTP/RTSP, including the newly developed XC Protocol, for a

STEALTH CAM The new Canon CR-N500 might look like a posh security camera, but it’s a high-quality 4K machine with professional connections – ideal for TV broadcast



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