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THE NEWWAY OF WORKING From remote-control cameras and lights, to audio and video transmission, socially distanced is the new normal


I t wasn’t very long ago that social distancing and remote working were rarely used phrases. Now, they are as much a part of everyone’s lives as face masks, hand sanitiser and anti-vaxxers. The world has changed – and chances are nothing will ever get back to normal. Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams meetings are as commonplace as streaming content on demand from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and YouTube. Everything, from places of

zoom or focus your camera. Everything from video to audio can be wirelessly beamed to a receiver unit, with the whole lot immediately available to stream online, or collaboratively edited by a team of production people in the cloud. There is no need to have teams sitting together. We take a look at the latest trends in remote filmmaking, from high-end cameras, to remotely controlled camera motion systems, streaming tech and so much more.

worship to fitness sessions, new product launches and general entertainment, is being streamed. But, unless it’s an independent social influencer making the content, there is still an army of filmmakers and production crew helping bring these projects together. Production crews have been reduced in size, while technology has become more important – allowing filmmakers to do more by controlling kit remotely. You don’t even have to be present to pan, tilt,



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