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Broadpeak announced a virtual channel as a service application on its software. The API-based platform on broadpeak.io enables cable operators, broadcasters, OTT service and content providers to launch virtual channels – such as pop-ups and free ad-supported streaming television – in a bid to personalise viewer experiences. “We’re excited to introduce this innovative application for our broadpeak.io SaaS, closing the user experience gap between social networks and traditional streaming platforms,” says Mathias Guille, vice president of Cloud Platform at Broadpeak. “Virtual channels are an easy, affordable way for video service providers to add personalisation, value and revenue to their video streaming services. With our Virtual Channel as a Service, video service providers can help viewers find the content they are passionate SCALING NEW PEAKS

New software from Norwegian company Vizrt is a boon for visual workflows. The Viz Engine 5 is a live graphics compositor created to aid production. It comprises adaptive graphics – a form of content delivery – and is able to alter resolution, format and layout in line with specific display devices, which can be implemented in multiple output formats for various platforms, simultaneously and automatically. By allowing users to create graphics once, to then be published multiple times, the Viz Engine 5 eases workflow. Viz Engine 5 is optimised to offer the most seamless integration with Unreal Engine 5 to date, amalgamating the separate render paths into one graphics workflow. Newsbridge and Alpha Networks collaborated to offer sports and media organisations a powerful end-to-end cloud video management and OTT solution. It combines Newsbridge’s cloud Media Hub and signature multimodal indexing AI technology with Alpha Network’s leading live and on-demand video platform Bee, propelled by Kinow. The Newsbridge Media Hub can be used to import live, rush and archive media assets, and features automatic transcription, translation, AI-powered indexing, subtitling, and real-time collaboration. Users can then share metadata- enriched content to the Bee streaming solution, allowing them to organise and secure content, set up the right monetisation strategy and decide whether to livestream or provide video on-demand. Other streaming functionalities include live broadcasting automation and the ability to plan multiple live events simultaneously. The merger aims to enrich the viewers’ OTT experience and propose an end-to-end solution, from production to distribution. SUPER OTT SOLUTIONS

about, boosting their engagement and satisfaction.” The channel as a service supports the creation of linear pop-up channels for live events trailer and event content can be incorporated. Virtual channels are fully addressed through API, which allows operators to launch services intervention-free. A global schedule for channels, to be adapted to targeted audiences. Live, VOD, slate, audiences and viewers can be created. Large platforms are also tackled with Broadpeak’s advanced manifest manipulator.


This year, Red Bee Media and Utopia Music have joined forces to collect and analyse data on music usage on television, thereby reducing the burden on broadcasters to track and report. The initiative also works towards fairer royalties for artists. In partnership, Red Bee Media will provide around-the-clock audio feeds of over 9000 television and radio channels. Then analysed by Utopia Music, royalties will be allocated to stakeholders – the organisations hope this will be a faster, more efficient and lower-cost method for broadcasters to track their music usage, ensuring greater transparency. “Utopia is on a mission to level up the entire music industry, by providing reliable, data-based solutions,” says Markku Mäkeläinen, CEO of Utopia Music. “Currently in TV, the obligation lies with the programme producer to declare what music is being used and when, which is time and resource heavy. With Red Bee Media, we are making this simpler for everyone.”


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