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Keeping up with our busy industry is not an easy task, but never fear, FEED is here! Find out the latest – from acquisitions and tech releases, to innovations and collaborations TECHNOLOGY & DEPLOYMENTS


C2G, specialist in high-performance cabling and connectivity solutions, is now offering HDMI over IP in 4K resolution. This allows for top-quality steaming via a newly launched extender system. Featuring a decoder, ncoder and network controller, it provides integrators with multiple HDMI-over-network configurations. This enables the flexibility to support digital signage systems, video walls and point-to-point extensions, including multiview capabilities – making it ideal in retail, corporate and education settings. “No matter the application today, the AV system infrastructure demands unquestionable high-resolution support over IP, along with scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness,” comments Robert Mays, associate product marketing manager at C2G. “Our 4K HDMI- over-IP solutions pack all these benefits, backed by the same C2G quality that integrators have trusted and relied upon for decades.”



WayPoint 104 is now superseded by WayPoint 3, with Dejero revealing its new staple. Incorporating multicam support for the new EnGo 3x transmitters, this up-to-date version reconstructs video transported over multiple IP connections from any Dejero transmitter, as well as decoding HEVC or AVC and outputting resolutions of up to 4K UHD. For more streamlined usage, the same receiver will now be able to output up to four feeds, including two 4K UHD and two HD, one 4K UHD and three HD, or four 4K UHD or HD. Enhancing the capabilities of WayPoint 104, now introduced five years ago, this new receiver combines the broadcast- quality redundancy and reliability of the previous product with current technological developments. With this release, users can reconstruct, decode and playout video in higher definition than ever.

Telestream has announced the latest release of software for its Prism family of waveform monitors, allowing users to add new features and capabilities to their hardware with a simple upgrade. Version 3.3 introduces significant video format support for post-production applications, faster switching of IP inputs, Dolby ED2 metadata support and other additions to an already impressive set of IP and SDI measurement tools. Designed to be used in video engineering, operations, live acquisition, event production and post-production, Prism includes tools to maximise its usability with today’s wide colour gamut, high dynamic range and

high-resolution formats. With faster switching of IP inputs – at around 0.5 seconds – camera shading operators can make comparisons quickly and efficiently. Version 3.3 now supports DCI 4K post- production resolutions up to 4096x2160, and refresh rates from 23.98 to 60p – for everything from cinematic to broadcast workflows. It also offers Dolby ED2 metadata decoding, used for Dolby Atmos, and guard band measurement for comprehensive audio monitoring.


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