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CLEANING UP YOUR ARCHIVE Endless versioning can easily overwhelm your archives. Ateliere is helping studios make content libraries manageable – and profitable

raditionally, archives were that room in the basement where you kept film cans and tapes. Then, when someone needs something, you walked down and grabbed it.” Eric Carson, chief revenue officer at Ateliere,

has seen a revolution in the way content companies are thinking about archives. Ateliere’s clients – who include major studios – are finding that cleaning up their archives, and keeping only the things that are necessary, is creating a better bottom line. Plus, more importantly, it allows content to reach audiences more effectively. “If you ask any archivist or librarian what the best practice is around managing Hollywood archives, they’ll say, ‘it’s the practice that works best here‘, says Carson. “And that has worked for a while, especially when dealing with physical assets. However, as the world has become more complex, including needing to interact with so many different service providers and geographic locations, best practices have had to evolve.” When Netflix proved that long-tail monetisation works, companies swept the cobwebs out of those basement archives and began to think about how they could take advantage of these assets. Rather than do a big rerelease of a beloved title every ten years, backed by a marketing campaign, owners looked at ways of getting content in front of targeted audiences 24/7. What companies discovered is that this entails distributing files to numerous destinations, sometimes multiple platforms,


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