FEED Autumn 2022 Web


NEAL ROMANEK: What do you think AI is going to mean to the media industry five years from now?

RAOUL COSPEN: AI is going to be at the core of all our products, like it will be the core of our lives. We need to be ready for this, to put together a relevant product for our customers. Understanding the user requirements is key, but finding the R&D resources for developing these things is going to be a challenge. BILL ADMANS: As interoperability between different platforms and AI becomes more standardised, we will see AI really connecting all the disparate parts of the workflow, so it all becomes a much more connected, automated

and directed process. Today, you have many different tools and pieces cobbled together that we have to design around. It’s going to be much more intelligent and intuitive, and will naturally start to work together – like the internet of things does. ANDREW BROADSTONE: I see much more automation. Repetitive tasks that are manual, or trying to figure out what various QoS data means, that should be automated away in five years. Putting together these workflows should be much easier for teams, so you don’t need to spend so much time trying to figure

out minutiae in connecting together disparate systems. Machine learning will be at the centre of these kinds of integration workflows. And people will expect it. MICHAEL PFITZNER: I fully agree. It will be at the core of systems and much more available and reliable. Standardisation is going to make it easier, and open-source projects will bring us further along. AI will – probably very soon – be a much bigger part of our lives than it already is. So, it’s a very interesting time, seeing this really powerful technology pick up.


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