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Q : So, are we there yet? DU: It depends! We get a lot of encouragement in many areas. The areas of playout/media asset management and live production are certainly worth mentioning. In these areas, customers are ready for cloud. So I would say we’re there: anything you want to do is possible in the cloud. But it still makes sense to sit down and do the maths and not say the cloud is always cheaper. Grass Valley is the partner for the media industry with many years of experience in this area and was an early adopter of cloud. Today, we have the best of both worlds, and are the experts who can tell you whether you should lean more left or right – or whether you should take a hybrid approach in the middle. We offer a technical migration and commercial migration for cloud. Grass Valley lives in all three worlds: on-premises, hybrid and cloud. We could have just moved ITX Playout to the cloud, but only virtualised it – that doesn’t bring any benefits and means losing the whole cloud story. We could have moved Stratus to the cloud, but developed AMPP MAM instead, as we wanted it to be cloud-native. It’s the same with live production tools. There is no lift-and-shift at Grass Valley. We’ve built everything from scratch and in cloud-native technology – the only way to show the real benefits of cloud. We recognised this early on and decided to do it right. It was probably the biggest investment in the company’s history.

ago – and we’ve had to move that much faster because of the pandemic. It’s no longer a question of whether it works – you just have to do it. Q : But for some broadcasters, redundancy and security still come before the bottom line… DU: In most cases, higher redundancy/uptime can be achieved with AMPP than with on-premises solutions. But this is also logical – the AMPP control instances, as well as the workloads, are distributed across multiple data centres. Cloud and our AMPP set-up overcome the well- known single point of failure issues. We are super-advanced in end- to-end security, and it’s remiss on our part not to have talked enough about that. We’ll change this at IBC, showcasing why we are more secure. We are at least equal to the standards of on-premises: in many areas more advanced. To those who perceive cloud as risky, we’ll explain how it works.


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