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are (still) ahead. So the answer is – and I hate it when our engineers say this – it depends! We have built a bridge. On the left side, we have everything on-premises; on the right, we have everything in the cloud, with hybrid in the middle. A good example is the playout area. With AMPP Playout, we are able to scale in the cloud and also run on- premises. This gives our customers the ability to react to short-cycled events and scale accordingly in the cloud, but it’s also possible to run linear playout in our EDGE nodes on- premises. Another playout use case is e.g. the conversion to UHD. Here, too, many decision factors play a role – is there space in the on-premises

Q : How do you advise companies on when to make that leap to cloud?

Daniel Url: The right time depends on our customers, because everyone has different use cases. There are some areas where cloud is an amazing fit, and other areas where it is still another way to go. Cost also plays a weighty role. For many use cases, it is economically feasible to work in the cloud. But there are also areas where on-premises solutions

Grass Valley’s Daniel Url is seeing a lot of cloud adoption in live production and playout


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