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roadcasters and production companies are looking to the cloud as an opportunity to innovate. Throughout


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the pandemic we have seen an accelerating trend towards cloud. This is in order to provide greater flexibility and scalability, with cost optimisation for operations, and the ability to spin up and down as required – all while reducing carbon footprint. Have we reached the optimum time to migrate to the cloud, partially or wholly? Will reduced costs be realised, accompanied by greater control, faster turnaround time and that tantalising possibility of having production capacity ‘on demand’? Conversely, how realistic are concerns about security? Are companies prepared to climb onto the high-latency high wire, with its attendant encode/decode and network outage crosswinds? Where is the tipping point between network connectivity maximisation and demand for absolute reliability? We talked to Daniel Url, Grass Valley chief product officer, to tease out the issues in the continuum, from on-premises, to hybrid and cloud. Grass Valley has spent several years developing a strategy to help customers chart a course through this ever-changing media production landscape.


The result is the Agile Media Processing Platform (AMPP), which brings together technology partnerships and business innovation. The core of AMPP takes full advantage of what the cloud offers, while being able to integrate hardware solutions into the workflow. Its applications – encompassing the full supply chain, from ingest to production to playout – have been designed from the ground up, to run in a public cloud environment.


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