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SMALL MOMENTS Petty and his tiny crew remained highly considerate throughout filming, spending much of their time building relationships, and only recording subjects safely

exceptionally talented hands, down in the trenches, it’s been used to film some amazing footage.” Petty’s appreciation for CVP is deep- seated. In the practical sense, it made this documentary possible; but looking beyond, it has fostered this young director’s career from the get-go. “When I began working with CVP five years ago, I had no idea what a cinema camera did,” Petty recalls. “I’d come from events photography, but the team took me under their wing, mentoring me through the set-up and shooting process. I bought a Steadicam and they showed me how that worked. Shopping with CVP is not like buying kit from anywhere else. They look after you, going above and beyond. “CVP facilitated my step up in career – I’ve got a lot to thank them for. They take me to numerous events, introduce me to

loads of people and give me opportunities to speak about my work – like this. The company allows its employees to be great people. I love that, seeing others get an opportunity to live to their best potential.” While his project continues, conversation must draw to a close – but one pertinent question remains. What inspired Petty’s immediate decision to involve himself in Ukraine, when so many others throughout Europe saw the situation unfold, filled with helpless dread? “Maybe it was because I’ve got kids myself,” he ponders. “If the situation in Ukraine was happening here, I would want someone like me to come and help them. And if there’s ever a time, it’s now. The situation isn’t getting the media attention it was at the beginning; these are still very anxious days. I had the option of leaving Ukraine, but that’s not the case for many.”

“Shopping with CVP is not like buying kit from anywhere else. They look after you, going above and beyond”

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ON THE GROUND A Sony FX9 captured much of the footage, thanks to its high image quality and portability


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