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“We went out with the kind of cameras we’d usually have. They were small – which was a benefit – but we soon realised that something a bit more advanced was needed”

EYE OF THE STORM Making Petty’s dramatic footage all the more impressive, the documentary was always secondary to any humanitarian aid he and his fellow creatives could provide

“When I came back to the UK for the first time, there were no Sony bodies available at all. Thankfully, CVP managed to supply us with an FX9, FS7 and zoom lenses within a week, ready to take back. That’s what we’ve filmed on, and it’s on the ground in Ukraine right now.” Petty’s need for specific tools is dictated by process. Far from the norm and purely documentarian, it’s been emotionally challenging for all involved. “We’d meet refugees in the war zone, then follow them right out from Kyiv or beyond. One of the families ended up here in England. We travelled with another girl

all through Europe to the Netherlands. This journey is our last: Chris is there documenting the struggles that are still going on today. “We’ve captured a lot with the FX9, because it’s really compact. Many cinema cameras are very complex and there’s a lot that can go wrong. The Sony had everything we needed, including audio, in one self-contained package. The problem was, we’d separate to film the two sides of the stories, but then we’d each be alone as solo operators. New cameras were game changers in that sense. Plus, the image quality of the FX9 is incredible. In Chris’

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