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Arri Stage

To remain at the forefront of the cutting edge is no easy feat – perhaps only possible through near-constant collaborative development. These were the foundations upon which Arri’s LED volume space was built last year, at the brand’s Uxbridge premises. Working in partnership with technical specialist Creative Technology, the space has been servicing all manner of productions and projects in truly state-of-the-art fashion. Situated within a 708 sq m studio, the volume is constructed from Roe Visual LED panels and offers 360° imagery, with a curved 30x5m primary wall and sizeable surrounds. It’s not just the scale that facilitates high-end virtual production, but the carefully selected hardware, too. “Our main in-vision wall comprises Ruby 2.3 panels,” explains business development director David Levy. “Key draws were a dot pitch good enough to be seen in-camera, and excellent off-axis colour that handles moving around the space. “Wild walls feature 5000-nit Carbon CB5 LEDs, which are high-resolution enough to produce faithful reflections. The last piece of the puzzle is the dynamic ceiling. Its Black Quartz 4.6 LEDs ensure colour doesn’t shift as subjects move beneath it and, importantly, it’s on an automation system. We’re able to position each section precisely.”

Elstree Studios The outer structures of two new sound stages were completed this year at Elstree Studios. These provide a combined workable footprint of 34,556 sq ft, and stand at a practical height of 45.6ft. The facilities – clad in innovative timber cassettes – can be used as two

separate stages or a single, combined supersize one, to contribute a state-of-the-art environment for production. Once operational, the stages will create hundreds of new jobs, plus apprenticeship and other learning opportunities for local school leavers and job seekers.

Warner Bros Studios Leavesden Still one of the greatest venues for even the most ambitious sets, Warner Bros Studios Leavesden is home to a collection of some of the UK’s largest sound from 10,800 sq ft to 48,800 sq ft – and with heights of up to 50ft. There’s also two of the largest tanks in Europe, with a 60x60ft filtered and heated indoor tank

on D stage, and a 250x250ft exterior tank on the backlot; which is more than 55 acres.

stages and tanks. Spread over approximately 400,000 sq ft, it offers 19 stages, ranging in size


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