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Space Studios

Space Studios is part of a group of companies that provide various additional services to supplement their production real estate. Those spaces feature 245,000 sq ft of dedicated production area, based in a 700,000 sq ft campus in Manchester. These are world-class facilities, with access to a highly skilled and experienced talent pool that’s ready-made for UK and international film and HETV producers – making north-west England one of the best choices for film projects. The start of construction for additional stage space this autumn – and launch of a crew and facilities database – demonstrates a continued commitment to the film and TV sector in Manchester. Significantly, productions shooting in the city report that 90% of crew are drawn from within a 30-minute commute. Staff availability remains strong, compared with the challenges that the south-east and London are currently facing. Space Studios offers six purpose- built stages supported by an additional stage at the nearby Sharp Project delivering a total of 115,000sq ft. Planning has been approved for two more – bringing the area to 155,000 sq ft in all. There are 20,000 sq ft of offices, 25,000 sq ft of prop stores and workshops, 120,000 sq ft of backlot – and unit parking with power and water. The site includes media ingest, content storage and distribution via superfast fibre connectivity, high-speed Wi-Fi, three-phase and domestic power. Space 6 alone is one of the biggest in Europe, able to cater for anything – from commercials and HETV, all the way to full-scale feature films.

35. AUGUST 2022

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