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Did you know? The character Honey Chandler only appeared in one Bosch book, The Concrete Blonde .

A TRUE LEGACY While the new name belies its status as a sequel, the show is a continuation of the detective’s story

“We’ve done a lot of cool computer graphics before: creating aeroplanes and other big additions,” Nelson recalls. “The producers loved it and wanted to see us put up for an Emmy nomination. Alan and I saw a chance to be extra exciting, so we got a little crazy trying to make everything look super-real. Much of that season looked more like a movie than a TV show.” Working in a world so tethered to reality isn’t a problem, as Munro explains. “It’s more of a constraint on everybody else than our VFX team. All productions, be it Bosch or Beetlejuice , live in a created world. Our job – always – is to come up with exciting visuals that fit into what that world happens to be. I guess it’s all about understanding the rules and playing by them.” “On a show like Bosch: Legacy , if you do your job well, it doesn’t look like it’s had any VFX work at all,” asserts Nelson.

to import at, then it’s simply drag and drop. If I need to trim the clip, I do that in DaVinci Resolve first, then render out those frames. If colour correction is required, I can do that within either software. For simple 3D tracking, I’ll keep it in Fusion.” Munro echoes Nelson’s sentiments on the platform, crediting his long-time collaborator’s hard work. “Fusion has been an integral part of the Bosch toolkit since the first season. I would say that every year, there will be at least one shot nobody thinks is doable. And each time, that shot is done by Jeremy in Fusion.” Having gone from strength to strength, it’s impossible to ignore the changes in Bosch ’s creative process – culminating in Bosch: Legacy . In certain moments, VFX work has been more outside the box – although you may not spot it as an engrossed spectator.

Concluding any and all comparison, the compositor shares information likely already known by fans around the world. “ Bosch: Legacy is basically Season 8 of the original show. Everything people have come to love is still there. We’re working with the same crews, directors and writers – so we’re old hat now, which is a good thing. Once you get in your groove, you want to stay in it. So, we’re still telling the grounded, true-to-life stories. There’s no cartoonish villain coming in to blow stuff up. That’s what I like about the series, as a viewer myself.” Throughout conversation, it’s evident Nelson has great admiration for the show – not least the part he’s been able to play within Munro’s Moving Target collective. “We work on it like it’s a movie, instead of one episode after another. There’s time to tweak our work and go through multiple rounds of notes. If the effects look better than you often see in TV, that’s why. Cliché as it is, I love the people I work with on Bosch . We’re a little family that gets to meet up once every few months to do work we enjoy.” Bosch: Legacy is available to stream now on Amazon Freevee

“Our job is to come up with exciting visuals that fit into what that world happens to be. It’s all about understanding the rules and playing by them”

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