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After using Fusion for years – early enough to have befriended the original programmers, in fact – Nelson has seen many iterations. He’s pushed the platform to its limits on countless productions, including every season of Bosch . “One thing Blackmagic has been doing recently is making a lot of the tools GPU- based, which has sped up the workflow a lot,” the specialist explains. “It was also the first node-based compositor. That’s a great way to work, because you can determine everything you need to know by looking at the node tree. If you pick up someone else’s shot in a layers-based program, you can’t tell what’s been done. For the team I work closely with, I can determine who was on a sequence purely based on the way they’ve developed their node tree. It’s that personal – seeing their mind mapped out, right on screen. “When I started out, the platform cost thousands,” Nelson continues, “but now it’s in the hundreds – or free with a Blackmagic cam. I actually own their first 4K camera and use it on Bosch all the time. When I need some smoke, water drops or other elements for post-production, I film them myself. Because I recorded the footage, I know what frame format

LIKE FATHER... Bosch’s daughter Maddie (played by Madison Lintz) returns from the original series, now an LAPD rookie


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