Pro Moviemaker Spring 2019



Glidecam’s most affordable handheld camera stabiliser, the XR- PRO, features a three-axis gimbal and foamhandgrip. It makes it far easier to shoot professional-looking handheld footage – but it does take time to set up correctly! A telescopic centre post is suitable for balancingmost cameras and can be used for panning, tilting, booming or even running. The top plate has 1/4in and 3/8inmounting holes for working with a variety of cameras, and the base platformhas an additional 1/4in thread for other accessories. It can accommodate cameras up to 4.53kg (weighing less than a kilogram itself). It comes with an assortment of counterweights for perfect balance.

The innovative Kenro Double Distance Camera Slider was made for filmingmotion. Cleverly designed, it offers 38cmof tracking movement on a flat surface and can be doubled in length if mounted on a tripod, making for a nifty combination of portability and performance. The slider extends seamlessly in either direction, and the belt-drivenmovement ensures clean and smooth footage. Made of anodised aluminium, this slider is strong and lightweight, and can handle a load capacity of up to 6kg, though it weighs only 1.64kg itself. It comes in a padded carry case with a two-year limited warranty. 4. SLIDER: KENRO DOUBLE DISTANCE CAMERA SLIDER £206/$268

5. TRIPOD: LIBEC LX7 TRIPOD SYSTEM £550.80/$499 The LX7 tripod system from Libec is one of the best for value from the LX range. Made from aluminium it is light but sturdy, weighing in at just 5.5kg but able to handle a payload of 8kg. It has a floor spreader, mid-level spreader and footpads, a maximum height of 166cm and a minimum height of 56cm. It features a top- quality, adjustable fluid head with excellent control for panning and tilting to get smoother moving shots.



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