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Balancing artistry & efficiency Shaki Prasanna, creative collaboration director, shares how The Snail leveraged Atomos tech to enrich the production process F ilmmaking is a constant dance between project management and creative storytelling, where

filmmakers to engage in the cinematic experience, freeing them to confidently capture the emotional depth of a scene. From a technical standpoint, the ability to capture Raw footage ensures pristine image quality, higher bit rates and better colour depth, resulting in greater control over colour grading and detail retention. In turn, this provides the ingredients to delve deeper into a story’s emotional core, creating a distinct aesthetic to complement the narrative and resonate with an audience. The more geared you are with technical capabilities, the easier it becomes for a production team to realise creative choices. Slow and steady For The Snail , a short film produced by Sirence Studios – directed by Evgenii Liubarskii and produced by Eugénia Neto – it was a case of balancing storytelling’s

the technicality from the right side of your brain meets the free spirit on the left. While delivering operational efficiency and sharing the human experience could be seen as at odds with one another, these elements work in tandem to create compelling films. The logistical and technical facets of the production process each revolve around optimising resources, managing schedules and ensuring super-smooth workflow from pre-production to post. This mindset is more concerned with the ‘how’ of filmmaking, rather than the ‘what’ or ‘why’. But, practicalities and technical solutions are essential for bringing a script to life. Having the right technical capabilities enhances the process. It empowers

emotional and artistic components with the demands of staying on schedule, while leveraging the right technical solutions. The psychological drama revolves around a young sergeant navigating life’s challenges after being medically discharged from the army. Unfolding in New York, the plot reveals the sergeant’s journey to find his purpose in life while faced with the challenges of being unable to determine his future. In bringing The Snail ’s various emotional and psychological twists to life, the production team faced multiple issues – including needing premium visual quality to effectively portray emotional intensity – while ensuring smooth on-set operations

TECH MEETS TALE Balancing the emotional intensity of storytelling with the time pressures of production, Atomos monitor-recorders were essential for creating The Snail



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