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Atomos, a trailblazer in video technology, has reshaped the landscape of filmmaking over the past decade. Pioneering the fusion of high-quality touchscreen monitors, removable storage and Apple ProRes, Atomos revolutionised video capture by enabling filmmakers to store uncompressed camera output in an easily editable format. Later generations of Atomos products have embraced HDR, 4K and 8K technologies, solidifying the brand name as an integral term in the filmmaker’s vocabulary. With the introduction of Connect, Atomos expanded the capabilities of its monitor- recorders by integrating cloud- based tools and services. This innovation ensures peace of mind for content creators, with footage securely stored on the camera, in the cloud and on the Atomos recorder at once. The global accessibility of media from a cloud-connected Atomos device further enhances collaboration and workflow efficiency. In addition to cutting-edge hardware, Atomos offers a suite of online services, providing filmmakers with essential tools for camera-to-cloud workflows, collaboration and review, cloud editing, live multicam production, wireless timecode and streaming. The flexible, subscription-based services adapt to the evolving needs of media professionals. As technology accelerates global connectivity, Atomos embraces change while constantly enhancing the working space. By automating tedious tasks, filmmakers can be more creative, productive and enjoy a better work-life balance, benefitting both creators and the final product.

for a production operating to a tight timescale. A critical technical requirement was reliable, high-quality monitoring and recording equipment that could facilitate an efficient production workflow. This included the need to deliver recordings in Raw format from the Sony FX9 camera and preview them on colour-accurate displays. The crew maintained an optimal working distance by employing high-quality and easy-to- use monitors, providing effective image monitoring at a safe working distance. The monitors also gave the director and cinematographer confidence to mark a scene they were happy with and keep the shot list moving.

Extracting the most reliable performance from filming maximises creative flow, allowing production teams to craft dynamic and moving scenes. Everything running smoothly creates a space conducive to exploring the intricacies of a visual narrative: delivering the perfect technical and creative blend. As Liubarskii explains: “ The Snail is a great example of the role that robust technology plays in translating meaningful stories into visually stunning cinematic experiences. Atomos monitors significantly enriched our production quality and operational efficiency, ensuring the emotional depth and narrative of the story were fully captured and conveyed.”



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