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PL-E, PL-L, and more. There will also be a chance to get a first look at the new Pixel RGB light stick, plus lots more on the stills photography gear line-up, including new lens arrivals like the Pro Series 75mm f/1.2 E/Z/X-mount lenses plus a digital full-frame 16mm f/1.8 FE. Vocas Stand 12.D25 Vocas will showcase its collection of top-of-the-line camera accessories, with a range catering to models including Sony’s FX6, FX9 and VENICE; RED DSMC3 line and the ARRI ALEXA 35. Additionally, it will unveil an array of Prosup sliders and a dolly, guaranteeing smooth and dynamic camera movements. Visitors can also check out the CaseCart, a cutting-edge solution equipped with a wide range of accessories and innovative features. One standout addition is the Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) kit, designed to facilitate secure transportation and easy set-up of essential equipment such as monitors and laptops during production. Western Digital Stands 8.MS24 & 8.MS25 Learn more about the high- performance portfolio of Western Digital and its SanDisk Professional line, including the latest embedded flash solutions and large platforms. With its broad portfolio, Western Digital helps production industry pros address data challenges caused by the increased use of AI, special effects, and the transition from 4K to 8K and 12K. This affects not only the storage capacity during the filming/production process but has implications for end devices like TVs and mobile phones that must keep up with the capacity and speed of downloaded data.


Jaisica Lapsiwala tells us what’s in store for the Changemakers programme – and what makes this part of IBC so vitally important

F ollowing a successful pilot in 2022, the Changemaker Programme returns this year to shine a spotlight on those driving meaningful change and shaping the culture of our industry for the better. Addressing topics like diversity, inclusivity, sustainability and accessibility, this strand of IBC is free to attend, taking place at The Forum on 17 and 18 September. “It’s about people and purpose”, sums up Jaisica Lapsiwala, who oversees IBC’s content programme. “Rather than looking at technical topics, it focuses on media culture. We’re covering a broad range of topics, but also bringing together communities who have a vested interest in creating a better media and entertainment culture.” Having enjoyed a warm reception last year, organisers have bolstered the Changemaker Programme: collaborating with a diverse range of organisations to gain insights into the subjects that most need a platform. “A lot of research went into this programme – we’re working behind the scenes with organisations like RISE, Soho Media Club and Women in Immersive Tech to understand what the issues are,” explains Lapsiwala. “This year, it’s a lot more editorially robust,” she continues. “There’s more of a narrative, and we’re ensuring that we cover a broad range of topics under that banner of ‘changemakers’. It’s not just gender equality – which you hear about quite often at these conferences – we’re looking at ethics, sustainability and the LGBTQ+ community.” The programme kicks off with a session on inclusive tech from Sasha Scott, head of transformation services for the European Broadcasting Union, and Soumya Sriraman, president of streaming at Qurate Retail Group. Taking a frank look at where we are

now and where we need to be, this big-picture, strategic conversation will consider what needs to change and what lies ahead. Meanwhile, Jabbar Sardar, HR director at BBC Studios, will lead a fireside chat on ‘putting people first’: bringing his experiences to the fore to help others create a culture of empowering employees. There will also be a keynote from Akwasi Ansah, creative director of Netherlands- based inclusive broadcasting station Omroep ZWART, where he’ll lay out his vision for a digital landscape that’s equitable and accessible. You can then hear from Alexandra Hussenot, CEO at Immersionn and UK lead at Women in Immersive Technologies, in a panel on the matter of ethics in AI. As it grows in prominence in our industry, this discussion will consider the opportunities and limitations of AI. In addition to the in-person events at the show, the team has launched a Changemakers podcast, sharing stories from people making a difference. Hosted by broadcaster Nadira Tudor, this seven-part series will invite M&E trailblazers to discuss everything from embedding DEI policies to dealing with climate anxiety. For Lapsiwala, one of the most important aspects of Changemakers is offering the industry a blueprint for enacting change. “It’s good to go and understand how others are building stuff into their strategy; it’s good to see things through a different lens,” she concludes. “There’s no right answer to culture and inclusion and sustainability. But the more people we can get together, talking to each other, the more we can change things. For people to go and listen, be inspired and see things from another perspective – and then come out and be able to network with that community will just be invaluable.”



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