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Rohde & Schwarz Stand 7.B21 Visit Rohde & Schwarz, whose media solutions deliver excellent performance, reliability and security. The SpycerNode2, the high-capacity storage network that launched at NAB this year, has a new version, providing rapid-access cache through NVMe solid-state storage, as well as scaling from a few terabytes to exabyte capacities in multiple locations plus the cloud. CLIPSTER, meanwhile, is recognised as the gold standard in mastering and deliverables. The CLIPSTER 6 Mark 2 sees a 100% speed increase, creating the most complex package of deliverables, including Ultra HD, DCP and IMF, to the tightest timescales. Designing innovative LED lighting products for the motion picture and photographic industries, Rotolight products have pioneered numerous industry-first, patented technologies with over 50 granted patents, designs and trademarks around the world such as the first suite of cinematic lighting effects (CineSFX) and the world’s first electronic diffusion technology (SmartSoft). SHOTOVER Systems designs and manufactures high-performance gyro-stabilised camera systems coupled with the most advanced augmented-reality mapping and mission-management software. Discover the company’s range, which offers an end-to-end solution while delivering an unprecedented level of control, versatility and ease-of-use in a compact package, backed by world-class support. SHOTOVER Systems Stand 12.A20 Rotolight Stand 12.A14

media content flow easier and more efficient. Visit the stand to learn how Signiant helps media companies of all sizes and view the many new innovations on the platform, including support for cloud-to-cloud operations where both the source and destination are cloud storage endpoints, growing files functionality for both on-premises and cloud storage endpoints, and the Media Engine platform service, which makes it easy to search, preview and interact with media assets. Specialising in designing and engineering storage solutions that cater to the needs of content creators, Symply’s products are not only efficient and reliable but also cost effective. From the initial stages of data ingest and acquisition in production to post-production and VFX, then also to delivery, archiving and future monetisation strategies, Symply offers a comprehensive range of storage options including Symply Stand 7.C21 RAID, LTO, Cloud, on-premise S3 Object Storage as well as shared- storage appliances. True Lens Services Stand 12.A48 One of the UK’s largest lens rehousing and service providers, True Lens Services is now recognised worldwide for their lens innovation, with an unbeatable reputation in the design, manufacture and servicing of filming lenses. The company has been very busy this year, working on their most recent project – the Zeiss Super Speeds. Visit the stand to see what the team has been up to and what they’re working on next! Viltrox Stand: 12.B54 Viltrox will bring its EPIC series of full-frame Anamorphic prime lenses: with 35mm/50mm/75mm T2.0 1.33X, in PL/E/L-mounts, plus PL-mount adapters – including PL-RF, PL-M43,


responsible for business development virtual production.

BEST IN SHOW With so much to discover, it pays to do a bit of planning to maximise your time at IBC. Acquaint yourself with the floorplan. Figure out which companies you’d like to connect with and where they’re located. Look after your feet (did we mention comfy shoes?), and as blindingly obvious as it sounds, keep fuelled and hydrated. It’s also worth taking a look at the schedule to figure out which talks you’re most keen to see. What you don’t need to do, stresses head of content Jaisica Lapsiwala, is plan every second of every day. “I recommend planning a few things – choose the sessions that you really want to go to and put those in your diary,” she says. “But don’t cram it, because a lot of things that you discover you love, a lot of the people you meet at IBC, will be serendipitous. Plan a bit, but then be really open to meeting people and leaving the door open to conversations. Because you never know where that next meeting can take you.”

Signiant Stand: 5.C74

More than just fast file transfers – the Signiant platform is an integrated set of SaaS products that make



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