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HOT TIN ROOF The Bottle Yard’s second facility (TBY2) houses a 1MWp solar array with over 2300 photovoltaic panels, producing enough solar energy to power 250 households annually

Standard empowers studio facilities to optimise their operations, leading to potentially significant cost savings and increased operational efficiency. By implementing energy-saving measures, improving waste management systems and streamlining resource usage, studios can reduce overhead expenses while enhancing productivity. Studios could then invest these savings into other areas of growth, creating a cycle of sustainability and financial success. Participating studios receive performance reports and grades, providing objective evaluations of their efforts. These assessments will enable studio facilities to track progress, identify areas for improvement and set realistic goals. The transparent reporting system facilitates benchmarking against global standards, allowing studios to compare their performance with peers. This not only provides a roadmap for improvement, but also demonstrates commitment to investors.

But the standard is much more than a rating, it’s about sharing best practices for others in the industry to learn from and facilitating a commitment to reducing environmental impact. The Studio Sustainability Standard 2022/23 industry report aggregated the data collected from the first year, and found participating studios are already taking meaningful measures to reduce effects in high-impact areas. For example, eight of the 12 studios are powered by a 100% renewable energy mix, ten of 12 have clear and achievable sustainability targets in place and ten of 12 invest in their local community. The Studio Sustainability Standard empowers facilities to take a proactive stance, embracing environmentally responsible practices that drive positive change. By joining this transformative initiative, studio owners and operators gain a competitive edge, differentiate themselves and unlock opportunities for cost savings, operational efficiency and stakeholder engagement. As the film and TV sector evolves, this standard serves as a compass, guiding studios to a greener, more prosperous future.

BAFTA-owned albert is the leading screen industry What is albert?

organisation for environmental sustainability, supporting the TV and film industry to reduce the environmental impacts of production and create content that inspires a sustainable future. It provides tools and training to help industry professionals act on opportunities for climate action.


2022 marked the first year of the Studio Sustainability Standard, with 12 studios committing to measuring their impact and starting their journey to building a more resilient and green entertainment industry. In this inaugural year, five studios were awarded ratings of ‘very good’ – the highest score in the cohort.

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