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UNLOCKING Sustainable SUCCESS BAFTA albert project manager Steve Smith weighs in on the game-changing Studio Sustainability Standard initiative

Participating studios: 3 Mills Studios, BBC Studioworks, BT Studios (delivered by Timeline Television), Elstree Studios, Garden Studios, IMG Studios, Maidstone Studios, Sony Pictures Studios LA, TBY2 (a Bottle Yard facility), Wolf Studios Wales, Warner Bros Studios Leavesden and Wardpark Film and Television Studios

I n an era defined by the urgency of climate change, the film and TV industries face a crucial challenge: how to align production practices with sustainability goals. Studio facilities, as integral components of the value chain, have a substantial role to play in driving the transition to a greener future. The Studio Sustainability Standard was established in 2022 as a game-changing initiative offering studio owners and operators the opportunity to make a positive environmental impact and gain a competitive edge in the industry. In this article, we delve into what the Studio Sustainability Standard entails and why joining the scheme brings enormous benefits to studio facilities. As the global community acknowledges the importance of combatting climate change, audiences and industry stakeholders increasingly demand sustainable practices. Studio

values. It provides a comprehensive framework to guide studios towards achieving ambitious targets, covering six essential categories: climate, nature, circularity, people, management and data. By addressing these areas, studios can create a holistic approach encompassing both operational and environmental considerations. In a rapidly evolving industry, standing out from the competition is crucial. Through celebrating and showcasing green practices in the Studio Sustainability Standard, facilities can differentiate themselves. This not only attracts environmentally conscious producers, but also positions the facility as a preferred choice for stakeholders seeking equally committed partners. Sustainability and profitability go hand in hand. The Studio Sustainability

facilities which provide the physical infrastructure for film and TV production have a unique opportunity to lead the charge in transforming the industry. By aligning with the Studio Sustainability Standard, studio owners and operators demonstrate steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship and position themselves as pioneers in production. WHAT EXACTLY IS THE STUDIO SUSTAINABILITY STANDARD? Developed by BAFTA albert, the leading screen organisation for environmental sustainability, the Studio Sustainability Standard sets a voluntary global standard for studio facilities to reduce their carbon footprints and embrace sustainable



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