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Buyers’ Guide

Once you’ve purchased the most important tool for photography, there are a few other things you should definitely considering buying Must-have photo accessories


Simple Strap and Petite Strap £32 Tech Strap £36.

Finding the right bag to suit you can be a challenge, especially when it comes to comfort and personal preference. For female photographers the challenge can be greater, but help is at hand thanks to Shimoda’s new straps. Developed and tested in partnership with 35 women from around the world Shimoda has created bag straps which fit around the sternum and abdomen and curve away from the chest to sit towards the underarms, for a more comfortable fit. There are three size options available, the Tech Strap, Simple Strap and Petite Strap and each strap features a stretch water bottle sleeve and zipped phone pocket and fits any Shimoda Explore backpack

Tenba Skyline 13 Backpack

MindShift Gear

If a backpack is your thing, then Tenba’s Skyline 13 Backpack is a great choice. Not only has it been designed not to look like a camera bag, it’s also made with water- repellent fabric to keep your kit protected in all weather. Whether you shoot with a mirrorless system or a pro DSLR, the Skyline 13 can hold a

camera body, plus up to five lenses and additional accessories, so no lens gets left behind. It’s also got a padded front pocket to fit a 13in laptop for on-the- go editing.

The innovative award-winning MindShift Gear Rotation 180 backpacks are ideal for trekking photographers, with a unique belt pack that rotates out of the pack and round in front of you when you need to access your camera gear whilst on the move. Compact and lightweight with plenty of space for clothing and hydration or more camera gear in the pack! The BackLight 45L, PhotoCross backpack, PhotoCross slings, and Exposure shoulder bags offer adventure photographers bags with rugged construction to help withstand the elements, whilst still being able to access gear. The extensive Modular system has evolved to meet today’s equipment designs. Belts, harnesses and a vast array of pouches and holsters, with different sizing and clever access designs, create a really excellent carry solution when you want to be pack free or travel light on your shoot. The Vision, Lily Deanne, Signature, Retrospective and Spectral shoulder bags offer discreet stylish solutions that don’t look like camera bags and come in a wide array of sizes to suit your system needs. Many with capacity for laptop and tablets too.


Tamrac’s founders were Californian nature photographers who loved the outdoors, yet lacked protective, quick-access camera bags that were able to keep up with their adventures. So, one day in 1977, they decided to create their own! For nearly 50 years Tamrac has earned the reputation for reliability with photographers around the world. Tamrac has become the trusted

Think Tank Photo

Over 15 roller bags in the Think Tank Photo range suit a wide range of needs, from the small, extremely lightweight 2.8kg Airport Advantage, an ideal carry-on for many budget airlines, to the large capacity Production Manager for lighting gear and stands. For the smallest camera systems look no further than the Mirrorless Mover, StoryTeller, Digital Holster shoulder bags or TurnStyle slings. These lightweight bags provide quick access as


bag of choice for many prominent National Geographic , Associated Press and professional sports photographers. Their design solutions focus on protecting and transporting camera equipment, electronics, accessories and more, to meet the progressing demands of today’s creative. With innovation as a core value, Tamrac has created numerous product features widely seen today, such as dual and triple-access systems, dual foam technology, windowpane mesh and lens-gate divider systems. Tamrac's new Nagano backpacks are sleek, refined and understated. Made for today’s travelling photographer, their low-profile, modern design yields a surprisingly high- volume carrying capacity. Featuring rear-panel access, Nagano backpacks can house compact and full-frame DSLRs, mirrorless systems, action cameras, flash units, compact DSLR bodies, accessories, water bottles and much more.

Born on the streets of mid-90’s Melbourne, Australia, Crumpler messenger bags exploded on to the scene with bright colours, clever designs, and Crumpler's famed bulletproof construction. Over the years their range has expanded to include camera bags, backpacks, suitcases, bum- bags and beyond. Parties have been had, boundaries have been pushed and millions of people’s belongings have been carried safely in bags with the famed Crumpler logo. From its current line-up, one of the bestsellers is the Drewbob range of digital camera pouches, made from highly durable

well as being great lens changers. The Mirrorless Movers and Digital Holsters also integrate with the Modular System to give you more freedomwhen shooting. Ideal for those that want to compromise on quality but have a tight budget.

Ripstop nylon or neoprene. The bags come with a shoulder strap or can be attached directly to a belt. The Drewbob 100model has a volume of 0.23litres, while the larger Drewbob 200 is 0.62litres.

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