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Vanguard VEOGO 34MKG

Vanguard VEO 2 GO 235CB

Having a tripod with you means you’ll be ready for those long-exposure shots, be able to shoot in low light, avoid camera shake and even shoot remotely for ease when shooting at higher or lower angles. But carrying a tripod doesn’t mean you need to lug around extra-heavy gear; the VEO 2 GO 235CB tripod is both lightweight and compact, measuring 32.5cm when folded down and weighing just 1.1kg. There’s no compromise on quality with this compact tripod, with its sturdy ball head, secure head lock system, two-section reversible telescopic centre column and ability to support up to 4kg. This tripod is the perfect travel tripod whether shooting with a DSLR or mirrorless camera and thanks to its non-slip, all weather TPU grip you can take it almost anywhere.


Every camera needs a bag and the Vanguard VEO GO 34M KG is the perfect shoulder bag for mirrorless camera users who want to take a full gear set-up, with them but keep it compact. The VEO GO 34M KG can hold a mirrorless camera plus two to three lenses, as well as accessories and a 9.7in tablet. It also has an internal compartment that can store the VEO 2 Go tripod. Great for carrying around on days out, or dedicated photo trips thanks to its quick top access, you can get to your kit with ease and be ready for all photo opportunities. The Vanguard VEO GO 34M KG is available in black and khaki green and comes with a rain cover for protection from the elements. It also has a rear pocket for items such as a wallet or documents. Slik has been designing and manufacturing high-quality tripods for more than 50 years. It has won six prestigious Japanese Ministry of Trade and Industry Good Design awards and Slik’s original and innovative designs have been copied so many times that some of their ideas have become industry standards. The new Slik PRO CF carbon-fibre tripods have ultra- strong and lightweight legs made with eight layers of inter-woven carbon strands that are bonded in a sealed, high-pressure furnace. The legs also feature ARS (Anti- Rotational System) which is designed to stop the individual leg sections rotating inside each other. Slik

Known as The Tripod Innovator, Velbon was founded back in 1955 and has been continuously developing exciting new products which lead the market and meet the needs of the ever-changing photographic and video landscape. Velbon holds many patents for its engineering developments and came up with the clever ‘trunnion’ leg system which allows its UT series tripods to be extremely compact when folded, but surprisingly tall when extended. Velbon’s latest UT-3AR travel tripod has legs which fold by 180°, it measures just 29.5cm in length when folded and extends to 135.5cm. It weighs just 787g, comes complete with a ball head that has an Arca- Swiss compatible quick-release plate.


Sirui Optical Co was founded in 2001 and has already become well known and respected as a leading manufacturer of professional photographic and video support equipment. It has created a wonderfully seamless system of camera tripods, video tripods, camera monopods and specialty tripod heads – everything needed to provide Sirui customers with a perfect camera support experience. Sirui’s user-friendly design utilises the latest technology to produce products of outstanding quality. One of the most popular models in the Sirui range is the ET-2004 tripod, complete with the E-20 ball head. T-Series Travel Tripods are designed to be lightweight and portable, with multi-angle legs that have flip locks for quick and easy set-up.

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