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Winners Themedal winners London Salon of Photography:

Enjoy our showcase of the eight images that won medals from this year’s London Salon The London Salon of Photography is a group of award-winning creative photographers, and membership is by invitation only. Currently there are 45 members. Each year, the Salon hosts an exhibition (this year’s is the 108th edition) to which photographers of all levels are invited to enter. Each entrant may submit up to four monochrome and four colour prints, of which a maximum of two from each section may be selected. On the judging day, Salon members select photographs to be exhibited and award up to ten special London Salon Medals to non-Salon members. Every entrant receives an A4 colour catalogue displaying all of the accepted prints and also has the opportunity to purchase a photo book. This year, 991 prints were entered with 129 accepted, of which 90 of these were from non-members and eight Salon medals awarded.

TheGodbarber, WendyGDavies “Completely astounded and thrilled to have a picture hung in suchwonderful company. To find out it hadwon a medal wasmind-blowing. I’ve not been too serious about photography for all that long and only joined a camera club, Alton CC, 18months ago”

Siesta Time, Christopher Palmer FRPS “Pleased, thrilled and elated. It’s awonderful accolade and difficult enough to get an acceptance, so it’s good to havemet the Salon’s high standard,” says Palmer, a member of AmershamPS for six years

MALESOnly, AndyHansonARPS “I’melated and very, very pleased to havewon amedal, as this is not at all easy to do,” says Hanson. Hanson has been a photographer since the age of 14 . He and hiswife, Daphne, are foundermembers of Bottisham&Burwell PC

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