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YouDon't Always NeedEyeContact, Kyle Tallett FRPS “I entered the London Salon for the first time this year with the ambition of getting an acceptance. I achieved two acceptances, with one being awarded a medal. I have to say that it is one ofmy high points, ranking alongside achievingmy FRPS. Very special”

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The award-winning and accepted prints from this year’s London Salon of Photography will be displayed at the Burt Gallery, 57 & 62 Union St, Bankside, London SE1 1SG. The exhibition opens at 2pmon 13 August and closes 2pmon 23 August. The exhibition is open on weekdays only. All acceptances and details of other dates and venues of the exhibition can be found on the website below. Our thanks go to Roger Ford for his help with this feature

Nest, Lorna BrownARPS “Disbelief was the overwhelming sensation, followed by being thrilled. I’mamazed thatmy picture of a deserted nest could do sowell,” she says. Brown switched to digital in 2010and has been a keen photographer ever since. She is a member of Chichester CC

BlueBoy, SueO'Connell ARPS “I phoned Sue to tell her and she jumped for joy,” says Judith Parry, the chair of the London Salon. O’Connell has been a keen photographer for the past ten years and is amember of Bristol PS

Nude, chair andBed, Paul Hayward LRPS “Amazed and thrilled. It’swonderful to have a print in an exhibition of such high standards,” says Hayward (WhitchurchPS and Smethwick PS), who has been a serious photographer for ten years

Blinds at theTate, DianneOwenFRPS “Towin a London Salonmedal last yearwas great, but towin another one this year is truly amazing. Itmeans that I have the old style and the newstylemedals – quite an achievement.” For the last ten years, Owen has been amember of SRGB and has been interested in photography for 30years

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