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Photography News | Issue 42 |

Your FREE newspaper packed with the latest news, views and stories from the world of photography news Photography Produced by Issue 42 13 Mar – 12 April News Tests Reviews Interviews Techniques Competitions Exhibitions Clubs


A Samsung 128GB memory card Enter the competition on page 100 WIN!

Canon EOS M5 Top-of-the- rangemirrorless tried and tested, page 62

Shoot at home… … andwin £200 to spend on exhibition- quality prints, page 7

The Photography Show4-page pull out

Complete TPS floor plan and exhibitor guide, page 49

Canon celebrates 30 years of the EOS family with two new enthusiast DSLRs and one mid-range mirrorless camera Threewinners fromCanon

All the votes have been counted – and verified – and here are the winners! For the full results, see page 23 Awards 2016

Joining the EOS family in its anniversary year are the EOS 77D and the EOS 800D, both APS-C format DSLRs featuring the latest imaging technology including a 24.2-megapixel sensor and the DIGIC 7 processor. The EOS 77D is aimed at those users keen to take the next step in their photography and expand their imaging

horizons and this camera offers the perfect upgrade. Priced at £829 body only, the EOS 77D will be available from this April, body only as well as in kit configurations. For people just starting out on their DSLR journey, the EOS800Discertaintoappeal. With an optical viewfinder, touchscreen vari-angle monitor and an advanced 45-

point autofocusing system, the EOS 800D is easy to use and highly capable, too. This is due in the shops in April too, at a price of £779 body only or £869 with an EF-S 18- 55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM. The third new camera is the EOS M6 with a new 24.2- megapixel sensor. The EOS M6 is a monitor- only camera but if you want

an viewfinder, you can add the EVF-DC2 for £219. This retro-looking accessory slips into the camera’s hotshoe and gives a 100% view. The EOS M6 is set to sell for £729 body only or £839 with the EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5- 6.3 IS STM standard lens. electronic

Photography News | Issue 42 |


Photography News | Issue 42 |


Threewinners fromCanon

Canon’s trio of new cameras includes two DSLRs and one mirrorless model. While some brands are forecasting that mirrorless cameras will overtake DSLRs within a matter of years that is clearly not a belief shared by Canon, which is hardly surprisingly given its existing product line-up and heritage. However, it has obviously decided that mirrorless is not a market to be ignored – which it did for a few years – and Canon is nowputting some effort behind its EOSMrange with the introduction of the EOSM5 last year and now the EOSM6. The EOS M6 is a mid-range model, with the EOS M5 at the top end and the EOS M10 at entry level. At the M6’s core is an APS-C format 24.2-megapixel CMOS sensor working with a DIGIC 7 processor and a Dual Pixel CMOS AF system. The sensor is new so not the same one featured in the EOS M5, and Canon is keeping the actual differences close to its chest right now. With the fast processor and advancedAF systemyou can get seven frames-per-second with focusing out of the M6 and this increases to 9fps with fixed AF. Assisting with sharp shooting is a body-integral five-axis image stabilisation system. The EOS M6 is a monitor-only camera and the screen has touch functionality. An optional EVF, the EVF-DC2, will be available that will slot into the hotshoe and this retro-looking gadget with a 120fps refresh rate gives a high-quality viewing image. It is compact too so you can have it in the camera bag

ready for occasions when viewfinder operation is preferred. The downside is that it costs £219. The EOS M6 is available in black or silver. The body-only price is £729, with the 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM lens it’s £839,and £1079 with the 18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM. Stock will be in the shops fromApril. Thirty years since the first EOS burst onto the scene, Canon has added two enthusiast-oriented models to its DSLR collection. The EOS 800D is targeted at first-time DSLR users while the EOS 77D aims to attract photographers keen to progress to the next step. Both are capable of first-class picture quality. The CMOS sensor is an APS-C format with 24.2 megapixels on hand – both cameras use the same sensor – and that works in partnership with the DIGIC 7 processor. It’s the same imaging technology as used in the popular Canon EOS 80D so not only do you get the same high level of image quality but you get also very fast live view autofocus and the ability to capture at 6fps for fast-moving subjects. Both cameras feature a 45-point AF system and all those sensors are cross-type for extra accuracy and speed.

Although both cameras have plenty of features to explore and essentially give the same high level of performance, the handling and the controls are different with the EOS 77D suitable for more experienced camera users. See the interview below with Canon’s David Parry where he explains Canon’s product naming structure. The EOS 800D costs £779 body only while the EOS 77D is slightly more expensive, priced at £829 for the body only. Canon introduced a new kit lens option, the EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM, alongside the two new cameras. This is the most compact non-retractable kit lens of this focal length range in the market. Bought on its own this lens costs £219 while partnered with the EOS 800D the price is £869 and with the EOS 77D £919.Availability for these products is April. The same availability applies to the Remote Controller BR-E1 and this accessory is priced at £39.99. This bluetooth gadget allows remote shooting from up to five metres and also features focus and zoom controls.

David Parry, Canon product intelligence

bought by vloggers, people who want a small, lightweight camera with great image quality but with a high-quality video function to film themselves. The M10 is super simple, it works like a compact but has an APS-C sized sensor for true DSLR image quality, with built in mic and huge lens capability.

mid-range photographer, perhaps they have a DSLR at the moment, like the controls of a DSLR and doesn’t want an in-built viewfinder. The EOS M6 is designed to be smaller and lighter than the M5 but have lots of control. So you get a control wheel front and back and the option of adding an EVF. The EOS M5 is designed to work as a DSLR but it is a CSC, so if you want a DSLR experience from a mirrorless camera you’d look at the M5. The EOS M6 has a completely new sensor so it is not one used in the EOS M5. The new sensor with the DIGIC 7 processor gives faster autofocus and gets information off the sensor really quickly so you can shoot at 7fps with AF or 9fps with fixed focus. There is also a 1EV improvement in ISO so the top speed is 25,600. The EOS M6 also has a screen that folds up to face forward so if you do a lot of vlogging, it would suit you more. What is the stand out feature of the EOS M6 in your view? I’d say autofocus. It will be incredible because of the new sensor and DIGIC 7 processor. Who are you finding is buying Canon M cameras? Is it just existing EOS system users with a bagful of EF lenses? The M5 and M3 are being bought by Canon users who want a smaller and lighter mirrorless camera and the same experience as using a Canon DSLR with a control layout and menu structure they are used to. Interestingly a lot of M10s are being

have plenty of control and allow you to grow in your photography. When you get to a point that you want to work faster and want more buttons, that is when you step into the two-digit DSLRs. And then when you want to step up again you go for a single-digit camera like an EOS 5, 6 or 7. By now you will have decided what type of photography you want to do, whether that is landscape, fashion or sports and you can pick the camera to suit. The new EOS 800 DSLR is a three-digit camera but it seems very close to the EOS 77D, a two- digit model. Is that right? Internally and as far as image quality is concerned, yes, but the way you get to the final image, no. The EOS 800’s layout and control design still makes it a three-digit DSLR. It is when you add more buttons or have the screen that flips upwards that you get a two-digit model. The handling, the extra features and the way you arrive at the image are what make the two ranges different. Moving to mirrorless, the new EOS M6 is an interesting innovation and compared with the current EOS M5, it does not have a built-in viewfinder and an EVF is offered as an optical accessory. What is the thinking here? Well, the EOS M6 sits where the M3 is sitting at the moment. That camera is going out of the range because of the new arrival so the range goes M10, M6, M5. The EOS M6 is aimed at the

Of the three cameras launched by Canon what is the one that gives you the most excitement? I’m a classic photographer-type person so for me it is the EOS 77D. What I like about it is that it is a photographer’s camera. It has the right sort of button layout so you can get used to it very quickly and it is so small and lightweight which is really, really nice. The EOS 77D leads on from the EOS 760D which continues in our line-up. That is still a three-digit camera, but the EOS 77D is a two- digit camera which should explain what sort of camera it is. You know your product range so you know the differences between the two- and three- digit Canon DSLRs, but can you explain the differences to those of us less familiar with your product line-up please? Our range starts off with the EOS 1300D and that is a four-digit camera, that tells you it is a super simple camera. It is a true DSLR but it is simple to use and ideal for people just dipping their toe into photography. They still might be sure that photography is for them but they want to try it with a true DSLR. It is a great place to start. If you want a more advanced camera, say with a faster shooting rate or more control, then look at a three-digit camera like the EOS 700D and 750D. There are our mainstay cameras where many people come in at and offer more control. People love these cameras and stay with them for quite a while because they are simply designed,


Photography News | Issue 42 |


Fujifilmfor filmmakers Fujifilm has unveiled its MK series of cinema lenses. The first lens to be released in the new the line is the Fujinon MK18-55mm T2.9. This will be followed by the Fujinon MK50- 135mm T2.9, which will be launched in summer. Fujifilm is also planning to develop a telephoto prime lens and ultra-wide angle lens zoom adding to its XFmedium-format lens range.

Sigma sets world first

Sigma has recently launched the 14mm f/1.8 DG HSM Art lens, the world’s first and only f/1.8 ultra-wide-angle lens, which will be available in Sigma, Nikon and Canon mounts. Also new for Sigma’s Art line-up is the 24- 70mm f/2.8 DG OS HSM and 135mm f/1.8 DG HSM telephoto lens for full-frame cameras, which offers fast autofocusing

speed and has a dust and splash- proof construction. In addition, the Contemporary range sees the introduction of the 100-400mm f/5-6.3 DGOSHSM lightweight, ultra-telephoto zoom. All prices and availability are yet to be announced.

Adding to its wide range of lighting equipment Elinchrom has launched the ELB 1200. Weighing just 4.3kg the unit features a redesigned flash head, which has a dimmable LEDmodelling lamp and silent mode, making it ideal for video recordingaswell as stills. Theunit featuresa largeOLEDcontrol displaymaking it easy to adjust settings and offers strobo, sequence and delayed flashmodes. The ELB 1200 will be available in four kit options from mid 2017; the ELB 1200 Pro To Go, which features an ELB 1200 Pro Head and 16cm/90° reflector, theELB 1200Hi-SyncToGo, whichalso comeswitha 16cm/90° reflector, but an ELB 1200 Hi-Sync Head instead, the ELB 1200 Pro To Roll, which comes with a shallow umbrella and an 18cm/70° grid reflector with 30° Grid, plus the ELB 1200ProHead and finally the ELB 1200Hi-Sync ToRoll, which comeswith the sameumbrellaandgrid,butanELB1200Hi-SyncHead.Pricingandavailability is yet to be confirmed. Elinchrom introduces theELB 1200

Fujifilm has enhanced its service to professional photographers by launching its Professional Service Scheme, which now incorporates the GFX and X cameras and lenses. Available now in the UK and Germany the service will be gradually expanded across all majormarkets inEurope across 2017. The service will cost £260 per year, but will be offered free for the first two years to working photographers and owners of a GFX, or those with two professional camera bodies and three XF lenses. Fujifilm has also introduced Fujifilm X Acquire, which is compatible with the Fujifilm GFX 50S and free to download from the Fujifilm website. The tethering software allows you to connect theGFXtoaMacorPCtoenable direct transferring of images. The software is also compatible with the FujifilmX-T1 andX-T2. Fujifilm Professional Service Scheme

PhotographyNews at ThePhotography Show

It’s March, which means it’s time for the Photography Show! This year the Photography News team will be back, and you’ll be able to pick up your free physical copy of the issue at the show. Pop along to our stand in the food gallery to say hello. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, @PhotonewsPN and Facebook, to keep up to datewithus. There’s so much to look forward to this year from masterclasses and workshops to Super Stage speakers, as well as the chance to see a wide range of manufacturers. Visit the Canon stand on D141/E131 where you’ll have the chance to get hands- on with kit including the EOS 650, EOS-1 series and EOS 5D Mark IV. Nikon will be over on stand C11 showcasing its range of DX and FX-DSLR models, as well as the KeyMission range, COOLPIX and Nikkor lenses. There will also be a

special Nikon School stand, which will hold host to a range of speakers including Nikon ambassadors and photographers such as Bob Martin and JoeMcNally. Olympus will have free sensor cleaning with its Check and Clean service for Olympus users, as well hosting a range of ‘audience with’ talks with some of its ambassadors. Visit the stand on D91 where you’ll also be able to pick up a free copy of the 50th issue of Olympus Magazine , find outmore on page 34. On stand D61 the Fujifilm team will be on hand with its range of X-series products, plus you can see themedium-format,mirrorlessGFX 50S in the flesh. Among themany speakers taking to the many stages at the show, The Photography Show is pleased to bring award-winning documentary photographer Sebastião Salgado to the Super Stage on Tuesday 21

March at 11am. Tickets cost £20, but you will also need to have entry to The Photography Show. On the same day Sebastião Salgado will also be on Canon’s Live Stage at 2pm taking part in a Q&A session with Clive Booth.

Download The Photography Show 2017 app to access exhibitor details, seminar programmes, show news and much morewhile on the go. the free

Photography News | Issue 42 |

Photography News | Issue 42 |


Photography News | Issue 42 |


Samyang has launched a new video-cine lens. The XEEN 20mm T1.9 is the latest addition to the XEEN range of cinema lenses, which includes a 14mm, 16mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and 135mm. This ultra wide-angle aspherical lens offers optimal image quality and also has a circular aperture with 11 blades for stunning bokeh. In addition to these features it also has a smooth focus ring, high durability, FFG and declicked aperture making it a premium option for professional moviemakers. Launching this month the lens has a recommended retail price of £1799.99. Samyang goeswide

Two teles fromSony

Sony has announced the FE 100mm f/2.8 STF GM OSS and the FE 85mm f/1.8 to its line of interchangeable lens cameras. Shipping for both lenses will begin in March. The 100mm will be priced at £1600 and the 85mm at £600. Also new is the HVL- F45RM compact radio- controlled flash, designed

for use with the E-mount cameras and full-frame models and is priced at £400. In addition adding to its line of memory cards Sony has launched the world’s fastest SD card offering read speeds of 300MB/s andwrite speeds of 299MB/s. The SG-G SD series will be available this month in 32GB, 64GB or 128GB capacities.

Kenro has announced three camera supports. First is the Sevenoak Motorised Follow Focus Rig with Memory (SKMHF04), which allows filmmakers to steady their camera while on the move with its shoulder- mounted design. It features two operating systems with hand grips to allow easy control of both focusing and zooming and has an adjustable base plate to allow you to use attach different cameras, the focus rig is priced at £419.99. Also announced is the Sevenoak Electronic Motorised Pan Head (SKECH03), priced at £314.99, which comes with a variable speed joystick controller to offer smooth and continuous 360° pan and tilt movements. The head can support both DSLRs and camcorders and can hold a maximum weight of 5kg. It is designed to be used with tripod, sliders or jib arms. Finally, is the Sevenoak Carbon Fibre Jib Arm (SKJA20), a tripod- mounted camera crane designed to offer smoothup and downmovements in a 360° arc, which is priced at £309.99. Sevenoak videosupports

Hasselblad has introduced four XCD lenses to its X1D system. The first to be launched is the XCD 120mm f/3.5 macro lens, which will be available at the end of June. The other three lenses in the range are the XCD 35-75mm, XCD 65mm, XCD 22mm, which we can expect to see before the start of 2018. HasselbladXCD lens line-up

News in brief

Newaddition to Fotospeed Fine Art Gloss papers Fotospeed has introduced the Platinum Gloss Art Fibre 300 to its Fine Art Gloss range of inkjet papers. The new paper is water resistant and compatible with both dye and pigment inks. comprises 16 elements in 10 groups. It includes nine special elements including two extra low dispersion and three aspherical. Ultrawide Irix Irix's latest launch is a 11mm f/4 ultrawide lens for full-frame format DSLRs. Key features include a lens lock mechanism, infinity click-stop, depth-of- field scale and a rear gelatin filter slot. You get weather resistant build and neutrino coatings to miniimize ghosting and flare. Optical construction

Win printsworth £200

Photography News has teamed up with expert photo printers LumeJet to bring you the chance of seeing your favourite photographs in glorious print. Win this free to enter contest and you have £200 to spend on the LumeJet website. LumeJet is passionate about printing great photographs anduses its developed S200 printer for high- end photographic and commercial print use. This high resolution printer features the LumeJet RGB Digital Print Head and Fujifilm professional-grade Crystal Archive materials to achieve a unique, ultra- high quality with extraordinary colour fidelity, superb tonality and great light-fast qualities. To be in with the chance of winning £200 worth of LumeJet prints all you have to do is take a picture at home. Yes, it is that simple but we are looking for you to stretch

your creative skills so perhaps your entry could be an awesome food still life, an elegant window-lit portrait or a beautiful floral close-up. Upload images to groups/3277339@N20/. There is no fee to enter but you will have to join, which is free. Only one photograph per person can submitted and the entrant must beUK-based.Imagesshouldbe1500 pixels across and we will contact you if we need higher resolution files to judge or publish. The editor’s decision in this contest is final and for full terms and conditions please see The closing date for entries is 6 April 2017 and the winner announced in PN issue 43 out from 18 April 2017. The winner of last month’s Winter contest is Jack Paton so congratulations and well done!

Photography News | Issue 42 |


Photography News | Issue 42 |


PermaJet release new Baryta paper

KenroGimbal head

PermaJet is pleased to announce the launch of a new fibre-based Baryta paper, specially formulated for monochrome images. The FB Mono Gloss Baryta 320 has a glazed gloss surface and an alpha cellulose, acid-free base, which has been buffered to enhance the paper’s fade resistance. It’s also water resistant. The paper has a weight of 320gsm and a thickness of 0.35mm. While

aimed at monochrome images, it is also capable of amazing colour pictures too. The FB Mono Gloss Baryta 320 will be available in A4, A3, A3+, A2 sizes and also in 17in, 24in and 44in rolls. Prices will be similar to existing PermaJet FB papers and it’ll be on show at The Photography Show.

Kenro has announced a newGimbal head. The KENGHC1 Gimbal Tripod Head is made from carbon fibre and aluminium and features an elevated tilt mechanism and a height-adjustable platform, which allows you to align the tilt axis of the head with your camera or lens’s centre of gravity. Priced at £269.94 the Gimbal offers 360° smooth panning and can hold up to 15kg. Both the panning base and swing armhave separate locks to allow to adjust your positionwith ease.

B&Wcases now in theUK

News in brief

Lexar 256GBmicroSD Lexar has announced a 256GB Professional 1000x microSD UHS-II (U3) card. It offers write speeds up to 90MB/s and read transfer speeds up to 150MB/s. The 256GB microSD has an guide price of £357.99. Other capacities are available: 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. Lexar has also added a CFast 2.0 512GB card to its range with a write speed of 525MB/s. This has a guide price of £1732.99. selfies of you and your friends. Available to pre-order at €259 (£223.31). Airselfie Taking selfies to the air, the AirSelfie is smaller than a smartphone and can fly up to 20m high. It features a five- megapixel camera and can wirelessly connect to selected smartphones to take aerial ColorMunki Photo calibrator will receive a Color Confidence GrafiLite Desktop Daylight Viewer free, making a saving of over £61. SIRUIR-3213Xtripod The SIRUI R-3213X will be on show for the first time at this year’s Photography Show on stand C21. The ten-layer carbon-fibre tripod features leg angle lockingmechanism, foam rubber leg wraps and three solid ratchet steps for flexible use. X-Rite bundle offer Until 31 March 2017 all purchases of the X-Rite

The B&Woutdoor case range consists of 11 different sized cases, including two specifically designed for holding drones. Made of polypropylene, certified with the STANAG 4280, DEF STAN 81-41 and ATA 300 standards, all of the cases in B&W’s range feature an automatic air pressure compensation valve. With a 30-year warranty the cases boast rugged credentials which

include being 100% waterproof, able to withstand temperatures from -30°C to 80°C, and drops of up to three metres, they’re also dustproof. In addition, there are also a range of accessories available to customise the cases, including foam inserts and shoulder straps. Available now, prices start at £32.99.

Manfrotto launches Xume adapter The Manfrotto Xume adapter allows you to quickly and easily change filters, thanks to its magnetic design. Using the Xume filter holder you can attach your filter and theholderwillmagneticallyattach to theXume lensadapter.Available in sizes 49mm, 52mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm prices start from £9.95 for the filter holders and £24.95 for the lens adapter. Read our reviewof theManfrottoXume over inFirst Tests.

Manfrotto andNational Geographiccollaborate Joining forces Manfrotto and National Geographic have launched a new rangeofbags.TheNationalGeographicAustraliaCollectionconsistsoffive durable bags,made fromhigh-qualitymaterials andpremiumleather. The range includes the NG Australia camera and laptop backpack for DSLR/ compact system, the NGAustralia 3way camera backpack for DSLRs, the NGAustralia cameramessengers for Compact SystemCameras (available in small and medium), and finally the NG Australia Camera Holster for CSCs. Prices start from£59.90 exclusively atManfrotto’swebsite.


Photography News | Issue 42 |


Money-saving offers for PN readers

These are third-party offers. For full terms & conditions, see the respective websites.

Save 30%off Fotospeed

Save 30%off SRBND1000 RuggedFilters

Fotospeed offers one of themost comprehensive ranges of inkjet papers on the market. If you are unsure as to which paper best suits your needs, Fotospeed has a range of cost-effective test packs to suit your every requirement. There’s a Fotospeed Photo test pack with two sheets of nine different papers; a Fotospeed Fine Art Matt test pack with three sheets of eight different papers; plus Matt and Glossy test packs that include some of Fotospeed’s award-winning Signature papers. All papers have identification on the reverse, so you will always knowwhich paper you are printing on. The packs are already discounted down to £10 or £11.99, but the great news for The Photography Show visitors is that you can buy three test packs for £25, whichmeans you could save up to another 30%.

The SRB ND1000 Rugged Filter is a 10EV extreme long exposure filter that features a rugged and tough mount for easier use when you’re out shooting creative shots of fast- moving clouds or flowing water. The ND1000 Rugged Filter features an easy- grip system, which allows you to place your fingertips around the filter to easily and quickly remove it from the camera thread; an ideal feature when shooting in tricky conditions. Sizes range from46mm to 82mmwith prices from £29.95 to £44.95. From 17 March through to 28 April, there is a 20% discount off normal prices. When ordering off the SRB website use the coupon code SRBNEWS.

Save 10% off full body software

Get intoprint and save 25%

The creators of retouching software Portrait Pro now have PortraitPro Body available – it’s the first dedicated full-body retouching software. Powerful and fast to use, this software uses cutting-edge technology to give fully adjustable, realistic results. Two versions of PortraitPro Body are available, Standard and Studio, selling at £29.95 and £49.95 respectively. You can start with the Standard and upgrade to the Studio edition at any time. The more powerful Studio edition can handle RawandDNG formats, has colour space support and works as a plug-in in Lightroom, Photoshop and Elements. Photography News readers can get an extra 10% off these prices by using the code, PN42a at the checkout.

ProAm Imaging is renowned for its award- winning quality and service – it has won Best Professional Lab for four years running in the SWPP Awards. And you get all this with amazing prices. For example, an A3 print costs £1.15 and an A4 print is just 60p. You can put ProAm to the test and get five free 8x6in prints. Simply register on the website and upload your files. All correctly prepared orders received by 1pm are printed and dispatched the same day either by first class post or by FedEx courier for delivery next day. From 17 to 31 March, you can save 25% off your ProAm Imaging order. To claim your discount, before placing your order please ring 01274 723622 or email sales@proamimaging. com quoting the code PNEXTRA.





The On-line Paper Company, the original pioneeringe-commercepaper company,was the first to sell Hahnemühle digital inkjet papers in aweb shop in 1999. Its online catalogue can save you up to 60% off retail price, and now covers arguably the largest range of digital inkjet paper in one place, including the complete Hahnemühle paper range, the TIPA award- winning Canson Photo Lustre and Baryta, plus the top sellers from PermaJet, Ilford, Fujifilm and Fotospeed. They also sell the more specialist papers like Somerset Enhanced and the legendary 300gsm 100% cotton Museo Silver Rag, which emulates the traditional darkroom look and feel. Order from the website before 15 April and quote checkout code PN42 to receive free UK postage and packing. Free postage with On-line paper

Discover Canson bargains

Canson launched Infinity Baryta Prestige 340gsm last year and it proved a great success. It is a baryta paper aimed at the Fine Art printing market with a cotton white base and the look and feel of a traditional darkroom paper. Its wide colour gamut gives exceptional results and has excellent D-Max for deep blacks and rich shadow details. It is available in a wide range of sheet and roll sizes. Canson will have plenty of show offers at The Photography Show including Discovery Starter packs at £7 each (a saving of £12) or two Discovery Starter packs with a ten-sheet pack of any other paper for just £20. Discovery packs feature between 10 and 14 sheets of A4 paper focusing on either the Fine Art range or the photo-based media. There will be offers across the range at The Photography Showwith savings up to 35%.

Photography News | Issue 42 |

Photography News | Issue 42 |


Photography News | Issue 42 |


Photo 24, version 2017 Fancy indulging your photography for 24 hours in one of the world’s most fantastic locations? Of course you do, so come and join us for the Photography News Photo 24 in London. It’s a great, fun experience for photographers of all levels

London is one of the world’s most vibrant cities that also happens to be one of the most photogenic with something for every camera user; stunning modern and classic architecture, bustling streets and markets and awesome open spaces. Our incredible capital city is just so full of opportunities for the camera that you need several lifetimes to capture it. Or as someone sitting in the Photography News office once said ‘when a photographer is tired of London, they might as well take up collecting beer mats.’ The Photography News Photo 24 is now in its fifth year. To recap, it is a free event for 250 photographers on or around the longest day of the year. As weekends are best for most people, the actual day of the event shifts around a little and this year the appointed day is 23 June 2017 with a noon start and a noon finish 24 hours later. It is a great chance to

spend the day with a bunch of enthusiastic and like-minded fellow photographers. You can share experiences, learn from and inspire each other and simply have some fun with your camera. Photographers of all levels are welcome. Support will be available for newcomers to this sort of event, as well as advice on shooting in urban situations and help for those who don’t knowLondon verywell. Aprinted guide will also be provided in advance of the event and, of course, we will be covering Photo 24 in detail over the coming months in the pages of Photography News with technique advice and inspiration. If you’re concerned that you can’t keep going for 24 hours or are only interested in shooting at particular times, then don’t worry. You can come along for a few hours and go home, or shoot until dinner before retiring for

the night to a hotel and then coming back the followingmorning. It is entirely up to you how you use the 24 hours. There is no requirement to justify what you aim to do in the 24 hours. On past Photo 24s we have seen people when they registered and didn’t see them again until the close, but we knew from social media that they were shooting all the time and racking up many, many steps. Photo 24 is free. Obviously you have to pay for your own food, travel and accommodation if you book any, but it is free to take part in Photo 24 and all you have to do is register, of which more in a while. However, in the past we’ve organised optional events that are paid for simply because they cost money and costs have to be covered. These optional events will be revealed in due course. Previously, we’ve enjoyed sunset on the London Eye and at the top of the Shard, spent the night aboard classic

London buses and had an early morning boat trip down the Thames. As an added incentive, should you need any, we’ll have photo contests and challenges running to encourage you to push your creativity even further. Details of this year's contests will be revealed in due course. It all sounds fab. don't you agree? So join us for Photo 24 – a free photographic experience like no other. Now, here’s the thing. We have capacity for 250 photographers and the event is so popular now that we need hold a ballot to give everyone an equal chance of gaining a spot. The ballot will have set opening and closing dates. When you register has no impact on your chances and there will be only one entry per person. We’ll have provision to be fair to groups and clubs too. So, watch this space.

Stay up to datewith Photo 24 news

Registration and the ballot are not open yet. We’ll be releasing details in the next issue of Photography News , out 17 April. If the supply of our printed PN is irregular, you can read PN for free online by registering on We’ll also put information on Twitter, @PhotonewsPN and Facebook, facebook. com/photonewsPN.


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Kerrang! magazine photographer Paul Harries will be exhibiting a collection of his live music and portrait images at Proud Camden in London, until 23 April 2017. Showcasing images of iconic rock legends such as Nirvana, Slash, Metallica and more, Access All Areas by Paul Harries will allow music and photography fans to dive into images Paul has taken over the last two years, as well as have the chance to see some previously unseen works. The exhibition is free to attend and is open 11am-5pm Monday to Friday and 11am-4pm Saturday to Sunday. Access All Areas: Photographs by Paul Harries will be displayed at Proud Camden from 9 March to 23 April 2017.

News in brief

RogerMayne at The Photographers’ Gallery Taking place 30March – 11 June the Photographers’ Gallery will be showcasing the first major exhibition in London of Roger Mayne’s work since 1999. Tickets cost £4 or £2.50 for concessions. The print sales gallery features a rarely seen selection of Martin Parr's early monochrome work including images fromBawWeather. This is on until 23 April. thephotographersgallery. Travel Photographer of the yearwinners Over 7000 images were entered in the 2016Wanderlust Travel Photographer Of The Year competition. The four amateur winners were announced as Vittorio Ricci, Christopher Roche, Sanghamitra Sarkar and Julia Wainwright, who have all won a photo commission to Thailand. Portfolio winner Trevor Cole received a cash prize of £3000. See the winning images at WilliamHenry Fox Talbot work available on theweb The complete works of British photographic pioneer WilliamHenry Fox Talbot are now available to the public through the Bodleian Libraries. Comprising of collections from around the world you can search through over 1000 annotated digital images and by 2018 there will be 25,000 images available. See the collection at Photobook releases Octopus Books has announced two new releases Complete Photography; Understand cameras to take, edit and share better photos by Chris Gatcum priced at £16.99 and In Camera; How to get perfect pictures straight out of the camera , by Gordon Laing priced at £19.99. Both books are available to buy from Ilex now. Poetics of Light: Pinhole Photography More than 200 images by more than 150 artists will be on show as part of a major exhibition of pinhole photography at the National Media Museum. Taking place 17 March- 25 June 2017, the exhibition is free to attend.

England’sMaritime Heritage from the Air by PeterWaller features over 150 never-before-seen photographs of England’s most iconic ports, docks, ships andmore from the EnglishHeritage’s Aerofilms archive. The images include The Cutty Sark, HMS Worcester and more. PublishedbyHistoricEngland (previouslyEnglishHeritage) the book will be available from 28 April priced at £45. HistoricEngland

Your chance to win£2000

Two photography professionals have been added to the judging panel of the ArtGeminiPrize; Professor Brian Griffin D.Univ. (BCU) Hon. FRPS. and publisher and editor David Kilpatrick. Open for entries now, the competition gives photographers the chance to win £2000, photographic prizes and two curated exhibitions. The categories to enter are Architecture, Nature, Wildlife, People, Sport, Portrait, Travel, Street & Staged, Documentary & Photojournalism, B & W, Monochrome and Colour. Entries close on 30 April. new



Survival International

Open for entries now, the Survival International photo competition aims to raise awareness of tribal peoples and theirways of life, aswell as the threat to their existence. The competition invites photographers from around the world to submit their photos that show tribal people

in their natural environment. Joining this year’s panel of judges, which includes Survival’s Director Stephen Corry, Survival Italy Coordinator Francesca Casella, Max Houghton (Senior Lecturer in Photography at the London College of Communication), and award

winning photographer Edmund Clark is the Little Black Gallery’s Co-Founder Ghislain Pascal. The closing date for entries to the competition is 30 April. / photography

Photography News | Issue 42 |

Photography News | Issue 42 |

Photography News | Issue 42 |


Tell us your club’s latest news, email:


Camera club news If your club has any news that you want to share with the rest of the world, this is the page for it. Your story might be about your club’s success in a contest, or a member’s personal achievements; it could be about a group outing you had recently or when the annual exhibition is on show. Any news is eligible for inclusion, so club publicity officers please take note of the submission guidelines and get your stories in

How to submit

Deadline for the next issue: 3April 2017

We need words and pictures by 3 April 2017 for the next issue of Photography News , which will be available from 17 April 2017. Write your story in a Word document (400 words max). Please include contact details of the club, exhibition or event: website, meeting times, opening times, whatever is relevant. Images should be JPEGs, 2000 pixels on the longest dimension, any colour space, and image credits should be included. If the story is an exhibition or event, please send a picture from the exhibition (not the publicity poster) or

one from the event. If it includes people, please identify them. Attach the Word document and JPEGs to an email and send to

History ismade at DurhamPS

Photographer Neil Hulme will be giving a presentation entitled Moments in Mono at Warrington and District Camera Club on 27 March 2017 at 7:30pm. The presentation will focus on Neil’s long-exposure black & white photography and will include Neil’s photographs from around the North West of England, including images from The Wirral, Peak District, Lake District, North Wales, Yorkshire Dales and the Fylde Coastline. The venue for the presentation is at Grappenhall Community Centre, Bellhouse Lane, Grappenhall, Warrington WA4 2SG. about-us/contact-us Talkat Warrington

Durham Photographic Society held their Annual Dinner and Awards Ceremony recently and the 2016 awards winners were presented with their trophies. No fewer than fifteen members shared the eighteen awards with this year setting a record by showing the highest number of female members winning awards since the club started some 125 years ago.

Durham PS is the largest club in the North East and Cumbria with an action-packed programme. It meets on a Thursday night for 50 weeks of the year, as well as organising assignment days out for the members once a month and other photography-based activities.

Dawlish and Teignmouth Club has been thriving for 36 years and has a history of community involvement. An exhibition to celebrate members’ work was held in January, at a community arts centre in Teignmouth. The week-long event, which included prints and a slideshow, attracted nearly 600 visitors and over 300 of them voted for their favourite image. Club Chairman Alison Crowter said, “This was a really successful exhibition and a chance for the club to share its work with the wider community.” There were two joint winners for the most popular image, both confirming the public’s love of man’s best friend. Dogs reign supreme at Dawlish and TeignmouthCC

Eastbourne Photographic Society , established in 1893, will be holding their Annual Exhibition at The Da Vinci Art Hotel, 10Howard Square, Eastbourne BN21 4BQ from 29 April to 29 May, open daily from 10am to 4pm. Work from all members will be represented. Eastbourne flying high

Above right After the Storm by Debbie Christie Right Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina by Joanne Philipson

Brentwood & District Photographic Club member Bob Wright shared his knowledge of table-top photography at a members’ evening. Bob had two set-ups, one with multiple flash using slave units and one with daylight quality LED strip lights. He had two Canon DSLR cameras for members to view through. Subjects were his award-winning model aircraft for the flash set and his figurines for the LED set. The club meets every Friday from 7.45 to 10pm in Friends’ Meeting House, Shenfieldwith free parking andvisitors canhave three free trial attendances. New skills for Brentwood PC

Exhibition at Sheffield PS

Sheffield Photographic Society will be holding their annual print exhibition between 21 and 27 April, from 12pm to 4pm each day. The exhibition will show the winning images from society members plus other selected images. Images have been judged by John Chamberlin FRPS APAGB MFIAP, and the venue is Sheffield Cathedral, Church Street, Sheffield, S1 1HA. Entry is free and all visitors are welcome.

Photography News | Issue 42 |



Before the judge

JennyHibbert Join us for our monthly chat with a photographic judge. Jenny Hibbert became a judge so that she could pass the things she’d learned and help photographers improve their images

I became a photographic judge around eight years ago now. My motivation for taking up judging was because I wanted to help others to improve their images. After all, we all started as novices and had to learn to get better. I had to go to a seminar where I was checked to see if I was good enough to become a judge and then I started judging for local clubs here in Wales. I have progressed so I am now a PAGB judge, judged a lot of international salons and have assessed applicant panels for the Associateship of the Welsh Photographic Federation (AWPF) distinction. So I do a variety of judging and I don’t have a favourite subject or event, they are all special. I do find that it can be very rewarding but it is also occasionally frustrating too. Most notably, I get frustrated when judging with fellow photographers, especially when they give a cracking image a lowmark. On the other hand, one time when judging the AWPF panels, there was one entry that has remained in my memory, it was simply breath taking in every way and inspirational too. The overall standard of photography in our clubs here in Wales is very high. In fact I’d say that the standard in amateur photography in the UK is high. Of course you have the beginners who are just dipping their toes in the water but as I said earlier everyone has to start somewhere and newcomers need all the encouragement you can give them. When judging, sometimes I try to suggest how a picture could be improved but at times it’s very hard. You might have what is essentially a snapshot in front of you and it is not very challenging or even interesting in the context of a photo contest but you have to give encouragement and suggest how they can improve their work so they have greater success


Howmany years in photography? Since I was 11 years old but seriously over the past 12 years. Home club Bridgend in Wales. I am external competition secretary. What is your favourite camera? Canon EOS-1D Mark 1V. What is your favourite lens? Canon 300mm f/2.8. What is your favourite photo accessory? My tripod with a gimbal head. Who is your favourite photographer? Danny Green. What is your own favourite photographic subject or technique? Wildlife, especially dippers. What awards/distinctions/ medals have youwon? I have my EFIAP, MPAGB, AWPF. I have been lucky enough to win three gold medals numerous silver and bronze medals as well as ribbons. I won a ribbon in a Royal Photographic Society Exhibition. Also a FIAP Blue pin in the Arctic Exhibition.

One piece of advice I would give: less is more and a strong image is as much about what you leave out as what you include. I mentioned cropping before but it is worth repeating because it is such a simple way of improving a picture. Good cropping will take the viewer’s eye to the subject and hold attention while poor cropping means the eye wandering around the frame before disappearing into space. Uncluttered backgrounds work best, so try different viewpoints. In wildlife a lowone usuallyworks best and that helps blur the background too. It’s the same with action. Last thing is: get to know your camera inside out, practise in the dark changing your settings, because you can guarantee the moment you look down to change a setting is the time something special happens and you end up missing it.

next time round. My advice might be to suggest using the rule of thirds, even if I don’t always agree with it and many images work perfectly well without it. But to a relatively inexperienced photographer it could prove very useful. In club competitions, a lot of pictures don’t make the mark for the same collection of reasons. A lot of people are over zealous with the unsharpmask inPhotoshop andyou see a nasty halo effect and enhanced noise. Cropping is another big one. Just taking off parts of the image can have such a huge benefit and give a much stronger picture wheremy eye would go straight to the focal point. Some photographers would do better with more control when they are editing their pictures. So, for example, better control of highlights and shadows would improve many pictures instantly. Not only that but such major improvements can be made with very little effort. It is just a matter of using the tools provided as standard in editing software and there is plenty of advice and technique tutorials available for free on the web. Then, of course I see a lot of similar images too and that is a challenge. For instance, in natural history I see a great many puffins and some judges think, ‘oh no, not another puffin shot’. But we as judges have to assess the pictures as individual images in their own right and not as just another puffin shot.

A while ago, bright, contrasty colourful HDR images were all the rage and such images didwell which encouraged more but that seems to be wearing off now. Judges do get a raw deal at times. Do I think it is justified? Yes, sometimes. It might be that a judge has only just started out and while they try hard they don’t have much of a clue. If you are on the receiving end of being judged by one, it can be very disappointing and frustrating. As a judge I do understand but judging is not an easy job. One piece of advice is to carefully and critically check your images that you are going to enter into a contest and make sure there are no obvious failings. Be very honest with yourself too and if you spot something the odds are that the judge will do so too, so do something about it at this point. Or better still ask a photographer friend to look the pictures over and give you some honest feedback. The point of this is to see if there is anything that jumps out at them and how the image can be improved. You might find, for instance, that there is a strong highlight and because our eye always goes to the lightest part of the image the picture could be improved by darkening or even removing the offending area. Of course, if you do such remedial work it needs to be done competently because a badly done correction can exacerbate the problem and draw attention to it.

What do you think?

Have you seen a photographic judge at work who you’d like to see profiled in Photography News ? If so please drop us a line to opinion@photography-news. with the judge’s name and, if possible, their contact details.

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