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Focus on Fujifilm lenses Launched less than six years ago, the Fujifilm X Series camera system is now

supported by 23 fabulous optics with more in the pipeline. Buy an X Series camera and you’ll be able to tackle almost every subject with ease

Having a selection of great cameras is one thing but what every system needs is an extensive choice of lenses to suit individual needs, preferences and budgets and be able to cope with every subject. The Fujifilm X Series is less than six years old so you might not expect too much choice, but you’d be wrong. In that short period, the brand has built up an impressive collection of optics than includes 12 fixed focal length lenses, nine zooms and two teleconverters. Invest in an X Series camera and you won’t struggle to find the ideal lens (or lenses) for your photography. Image quality comparable to 35mm full- frame was one of the many criteria Fujifilm worked towards when designing the X Series, which uses the APS-C format with a sensor size of 23.6x15.6mm compared with the 36x24mm dimensions of the 35mm format. The smaller image area demands the best possible quality lenses to make the most it,

which explains why Fujifilm has worked so hard to deliver a first-class range of precision optics made to the highest standards and from the finest materials for its users. It isworth stressing that theXSeries system has been designed from the ground up so, for example, the lenses have been created, crafted and engineered for this system only, which is very different from some longer established camera systems where lenses are used across different sensor formats. Many lenses in the Fujifilm X Series range are richly featured with fast apertures, weather-resistant build (WR) and optical image stabilisation (OIS) that very effectively combats camera shake. The latest optical design techniques and technologies are employed to deliver images with outstanding sharpness, clarity and colour fidelity. The choice of focal lengths offered in the range is also logical and considered. So, for

instance, among the primes, there are options at key points. The 14mm for ultra-wide dramatic compositions: the 23mm and 35mm, each available in two aperture options, for general use, the 56mm for flattering portraits and the 90mm when magnification of more distant subjects is needed. There are actually too many lenses to single any out here for a special mention so over the next two pageswe’ll be highlighting a selection of the latest optics and the technologies used by Fujifilm that ultimately help you get the most from its cameras. Furthermore, with Fujifilm’s latest cashback scheme just launched, now is a great time to invest in an X Series camera and XF lenses – four cameras and 19 lenses are featured in the current offer. See the back page of this special Fujifilmwrap for details.

The X Series has been designed from the ground up so, for example, the lenses have been created, crafted and engineered for this system only

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