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XF16mmF1.4 RWR 35mm format equivalent 24mm

XF23mmF1.4 R 35mm format equivalent 35mm

Enjoy dramatic wide views with this prime lens that gives a 24mm equivalent view in the 35mm format. With its super-fast f/1.4 aperture you have great light-gathering properties at your disposal so it’s a wonderful lens to use when the lighting conditions are less than perfect. So, this is a great lens to use for street shooting, interiors and in crowded markets where you have little space and often little light to work with. Weather- and dust-resistance is a key use benefit and should you ever need to override the autofocus system, switching to manual focus can be done almost instantly simply by pulling back on the focusing ring. This also reveals a distance scale.

Fujifilm offers two lenses at this very popular focal length and if you shoot more in poor lighting, the XF23mmF1.4 R is the preferred option. Its superfast maximum aperture means you can shoot handheld at reasonably fast shutter speeds in low light and get sharp pictures. Class leading optical design keeps distortion to an absolute minimum and great optical performance at every aperture setting. Handling is first rate too and if you need to engage manual focus, just pull back on the click- stopped focusing barrel. If you prefer a more compact lens then go for the XF23mmF2 R WR which weighs in at a mere 180g and has the extra benefit of weather-resistant construction.



Lens construction 13 elements in 11 groups Filter size 67mm Minimumfocus 15cm Aperture range f/1.4-16 Weight 375g Dimensions 73.4x73mm

Lens construction 11 elements in 8 groups Filter size 62mm Minimumfocus 60cm (normal), 28cm (macro) Aperture range f/1.4-16 Weight 300g Dimensions 72x63mm

XF35mmF1.4 R 35mm format equivalent 53mm

XF56mmF1.2 R 35mm format equivalent 85mm

This focal length is perfect for all sorts of photography and gives a perspective that is similar to that of the human eye. So, if you want a compact, very fast aperture standard lens as a constant partner for your Fujifilm X Series camera, this is a lens to be seriously considered for that role. Excellent sharpness at the wide apertures characterises the lens’s performance and out of focus areas exhibit a beautiful bokeh. This is the lens if you enjoy shooting in low light, but if a smaller bodyform coupled with weather-resistant build and even faster autofocusing is what you prefer, then Fujifilm provides that option with the XF35mmF2 R WR.

If you enjoy people photography and wonderful background bokeh effects, then this lens is difficult to beat. You get a natural perspective and a comfortable working distance from your subject. Also set a wide aperture and the background just falls away making your sitter the centre of attention. The superfast f/1.2 aperture gives great freedom when it comes to working in less than ideal lighting so you can keep to low ISO speeds for optimum quality and fast shutter speeds. Fujifilm offers an APD version of this lens. The built-in Apodization filter lets you smooth out bokeh outlines for an even greater three-dimensional effect.



Lens construction 8 elements in 6 groups Filter size 52mm Minimumfocus 80cm (normal), 28cm-2m (macro) Aperture range f/1.4-16 Weight 187g Dimensions 65x50.4mm

Lens construction 11 elements in 8 groups Filter size 62mm Minimumfocus 70cm Aperture range f/1.2-16 Weight 405g Dimensions 73.2x69.7mm


XF90mmF2 R LMWR 35mm format equivalent 137mm

The Fujifilm X Series gives the opportunity to save weight and space compared with a traditional 35mm camera system. The system is based on the smaller APS-C size X-Trans™ CMOS sensor and the camera bodies are lighter and more compact. Those physical benefits are carried through to the lens system. For example, let’s look at the XF50-140mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR, a lens that gives the same coverage as a 70-200mm f/2.8 in the 35mm format. The Fujifilm lens weighs in at 995g and is 175.9mm in length, while a lens of similar specification designed for 35mm full-frame format weighs 1540g and measures 205mm in length. The weight- and space-saving with just this one lens is significant so you can imagine the massive potential benefit if the same thinking was applied to the bagful of lenses most photographers need. Another important consideration of Fujifilm XF lenses is that they have been designed specifically for the format from the ground up. This not only means that they are more compact and lighter compared with those for existing camera systems, but they have been optimised to get the most from the sensor. That might not necessarily be the case with systems that feature both 35mm format and APS-C format products in their range using lenses mostly designed for the larger format.

A medium telephoto focal length has a great many uses, from landscape and nature to portrait and candid photography. Add a fast aperture and its potential is expanded even further so there is a great deal to appreciate about this Fujifilm lens that gives an effect comparable to 137mm in the 35mm format. Optically, it is a top class performer with high contrast and excellent sharpness even at f/2 where for portraits you can also get beautiful background bokeh. Handling is also very good for a lens of this focal length and it balances really well on Fujifilm X Series cameras while focusing speed is maximised thanks to a Quad Linear Motor design.


Lens construction 11 elements in 8 groups Filter size 62mm Minimumfocus 60cm Aperture range f/2-16 Weight 540g Dimensions 75x105mm

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